Charlotte Dog Boarding

We know your dogs are part of the family and we treat them as such. We lavish attention, treats, exercise and TLC on them in your absence. Dogs are showered in natural sunlight from the glass block windows found in each dog run. Everyone visits our outside exercise yard several times daily. As an add-on service, you may request extra walks, bathing, a nail trim, examination or any other service offered at VCA Stoney Creek while your pet boards with us.

Our outdoor exercise yard is covered with K9 Grass, the only artificial turf specifically designed for dogs This turf is for the comfort, safety and cleanliness of all of our canine boarders and doggy daycare participants.

Luxury Outdoor Suites

Does your dog enjoy the outdoor sights and sounds? Is it his mission in life to investigate what those sneaky squirrels are up to? VCA Stoney Creek has just added 5 new luxury outdoor suites for your pets to board in the lap of luxury. Each run is a spacious 8ft x 10ft and features K9 turf grass, a pet cot, KONG toys and ofcourse that beautiful view of nature. Our new resort area also features a private outdoor play area exclusive to the 5 campers. Now walk time will also involve interaction with their fellow campers, a run in the yard and even a game of catch with one of our kennel attendants. When the sun sets, your pet will be brought inside to his cozy run where he can relax until the next morning’s adventure.

With only 5 spots available, these suites are filling up quickly. Please call ahead to schedule your boarding reservation with our receptionist at 704-717-0616.