John Houghton, DVM, Associate Veterinarian

DVM, University of Georgia


Dr. Houghton grew up on the coast of Maine on his father's dairy farm. He obtained his undergraduate degree at Cornell University and his veterinary degree at The University of Georgia. After veterinary school, he did an internship at Texas A&M University, advancing his knowledge, experience, skills, and helping to teach veterinary students in the areas of internal medicine, surgery, and emergency medicine. Upon completion of his internship, he moved to Charlotte and worked as an overnight ER doctor for 2 years prior to joining the Stoney Creek team in 2011. Dr. Houghton has a special interest in orthopedics, surgery, and emergency medicine. Some of the advanced surgeries he performs include: extracapsular repair of cranial cruciate ligament rupture (CCL/ACL), medial patella luxation surgery (MPL), simple bone fracture repair, femoral head and neck ostectomy (FHO), perineal urethrostomy (PU), scrotal urethrostomy, cherry eye surgery, enucleation, stenotic nares surgery, cystotomy, intestinal enterotomies, or intestinal resection and anastamosis for foreign bodies, gastropexy to treat or prevent GDV, and mass removals. Dr. Houghton has an excited puppy named Jasmine and a tolerant cat, Ruby. In his free time Dr. Houghton and his wife Amanda (also a veterinarian) like to run, spend time on Lake Norman, travel, hike, or visit with friends and family.