General Surgery

Our clinic offers a wide range of General Surgical procedures to help keep your pet healthy!

When your pet has a medical condition which requires a form of general surgery, the doctors at our clinic are able to respond with a number of different surgical procedures. The term “General Surgery” is used to refer to a group of elective and common procedures which are carried out while the patient is under general anesthetic.

Because the patient will be placed under general anesthesia, it is necessary to preform a pre-operative blood work panel. This blood test will check several different aspects of your pet’s health, to ensure that they are healthy enough to undergo the anesthesia required for the procedure.

Some of the things the blood work panel will test for include:

  1. A CBC (Complete Blood Count), which will check for any underlying, hidden infections.
  2. Clotting Times, which will ensure that it is safe to cut into your pet’s body.
  3. Liver and Kidney functions, since these are the primary organs through which the anesthesia will be processed.

General surgical procedures also include the placement of an IV catheter, though which fluids can be administered while the patient is under the anesthesia. This helps keep them hydrated, and aids in the body’s processing of the anesthetic medication. Pre and post-operative medication is usually prescribed to help manage any pain and soreness which could be associated with the procedure.

Some of the General Surgeries we preform here at our clinic include:

  • Spaying (Ovariohysterectomy) and Neutering (Castration)
  • Lump Removal and Biopsy
  • Laceration Repair
  • Abscess and Wound Repair
  • Exploratory Surgery
  • Skin Biopsy
  • Removal of Foreign Gastrointestinal Bodies
  • Enucleation (Eye Removal)
  • Cystotomy (Bladder Stone Removal)

If you have any questions or concerns about any of our General Surgical procedures, feel free to discuss them with your veterinarian at your next visit!