• Hospital Manager

    Lauren Mastrogiovanni
    School: California University Los Angeles, MBA/MHA

    Hi!  My name is Lauren.  I am a New Orleans transplant, having moved from Southern California in the Fall of 2010, though I was born and raised in New York.  I have been involved in animal rescue my entire life, having brought home my very first rescue at age 7; Ashes, a stray kitten that we found in the field behind my house.  I have since rescued dozens of dogs and a few cats, mostly picked up off the streets in Los Angeles and in dire need of medical care. When the opportunity arose to work for VCA, it seemed like a wonderful way to marry my knowledge and experience in human health care, my MBA, and my tendency toward animal rescue!  I'm the proud guardian of an affectionate, very talkative, black kitty named Geraldine who came to me via the LASPCA, and a prancing pup named Ray (breed mix still unknown!), who was an impulse acquisition from the Jefferson Parish Shelter where I had gone simply to donate some equipment...they really do choose us, not the other way around!