Kathleen MacLeod, VMD, DACVD, Associate Veterinarian

VMD, University of Pennsylvania
Certifications: DACVD


VCA Woodford Animal Hospital is proud to have Dr. Kathy MacLeod as one of only two resident board certified dermatologists in Kentucky. Dr. MacLeod has been interested in dermatology since her second year of veterinary school. It was at that time she adopted a golden retriever who was suffering from demodicosis. Working very close with the dermatologists at the University of Pennsylvania, the problem was solved and she became "hooked on derm". Dr. MacLeod takes great pride in having trained with two world renown veterinary dermatologists... Drs. Scott and Miller at Cornell University. Since most dermatology problems are chronic by nature, Dr. MacLeod treasures the close relationships that develop with her clients during the treatment process.

Dr. MacLeod is married to Dr. Jamie MacLeod who is a veterinary researcher at The Gluck Institute for Equine Research at the University of Kentucky. They have a daughter, Erin, who enjoys playing volleyball and tennis.