Mark Restey, VMD, Associate Veterinarian

VMD, University of Pennsylvania


My life as an "alternative" veterinarian is based on a heartfelt calling.  After completing my studies at the veterinary school of The University of Pennsylvania I became passionate about combining my classical scientific knowledge with natural, and where possible, more non-intrusive treatments.  As time has gone by I have included other known methods of healing: nutritional; acupuncture; and Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic herbal medicine.

Essential as skill in diagnosis and treatment are, I also felt the need to provide my patients with the personal connection - with kindness and comfort to them and, when necessary, to their concerned humans, too.  And everyday I witness how this holistic approach works on every level.

I often think of my mom and recall what a good nurse she was, her kitchen bustling with food being prepared and the family around the table.  A cupboard over her sink was always filled with home remedies, herbal teas and healing salves.  In which we had great faith. 

12 years ago I moved to the Mt Tom area of Western Massachusetts as I wanted to work with farm animals as well as pets.  I live in a 1880s farmhouse by the Connecticut River, where coyotes call at night, bobcats hunt rabbits on my meadow, black bears raid the feed barrels, and white tail deer browse the hillside.

My own family of pets numbers, at the moment three shaggy dogs (all from various shelters), a gorgeous long hair cat found 8 years ago, 7 Narragansett turkeys, and a colorful flock of Swedish flower hens.    None shows the least surprise when I massage the odd paw, slip some herbs in their feed, or talk to them if they're anxious.

Dr. Restey is available on alternating Saturdays only.