Boarding Information

We board all sizes dogs and cats as a service to our clients on a reservation basis. Any pet that has not previously been seen by our doctor needs to be scheduled for an exam to establish a medical history so we can better care for him or her during the stay. If your dog or cat needs a physical exam in order to board, we can do a same day appointment.  We schedule this so our owners have the opportunity to talk with the doctor should there be any concerns.  Any additional services that you may need (such as vaccines, dental cleanings, spays/neuters etc) can generally be done during the boarding time. A go-home clean up bath is always available for a small fee.

Each pet is kept in an individual "home away from home" with comfy bedding and plenty of fresh water.  We feed your dog or cat according to your instructions.  Dogs are walked outside at least two times daily.  Every pet staying with us has a clean area (washed and disinfected) at least daily, and more often if needed. All pets are fed Science Diet pet food daily unless otherwise instructed. Should a medical problem arise while your pet is boarding with us, it will be treated.

Whenever possible we take our boarding friends out of the kennel areas to spend quality time with our staff.  Often our boarders spend time in someone's lap just for fun!

We ask that you leave an emergency phone number at which we can contact you in the unlikely event that it would become necessary. All boarders must have proof of current immunizations, or they will be updated while at our hospital. 
The required vaccines are:
Rabies, Distemper, Influenza, Bordetella, and proof of a negative fecal (parasite free).
For the safety of all pets in our hospital, if any pet is found with fleas we will treat accordingly.

Please call for a specific quote for your companion.