Oxygen and Transfusion Therapy

Whether due to respiratory disease, cardiac disease, or blood disorders, VCA Roswell Animal Hospital can provide supplemental oxygen therapy to our patients that are unable to breathe on their own.  Oxygen may be provided to patients by a nasal catheter (cannula), oxygen cage, hood, or mask. Close veterinary monitoring of these patients is required to maintain oxygen flow, avoid potential complications of oxygen usage and to insure that expected therapeutic goals are being met.

Transfusion therapy refers to the infusion of donated whole blood or components of blood (such as plasma) into a patient. A variety of conditions may warrant a transfusion, such as acute blood loss from trauma or hemolytic anemia; clotting defects such as with hemophilia; or blood protein deficiencies as in serious intestinal and kidney conditions. Blood products may be taken from a hospital blood donor program or from a third party veterinary blood bank.  Blood donors are screened for infectious diseases and other illnesses to insure the safety of blood products for our critically ill patients.