• Hospital Manager

    Jessica M. Sewell, BASc RVT
    Veterinary Tech School: St. Petersburg College, Bachelors of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology
    School: Gwinnett Technical College, Associates of Applied Technology in Veterinary Technology

    Jessica graduated from Gwinnett Technical College with her Associates in Veterinary Technology in 2003.  In 2011, she earned her Bachelors in Veterinary Technology (cum laude) with a focus in hospital management from Florida's St. Petersburg College.  Jessica has been a part of the VCA family since 2005 with most of that time being spent at an emergency and critical care facility.  In addition to being the hospital's manager, she is also one of VCA's Regional Technician and Assistant Development Supervisors.  Besides VCA, Jessica has worked at Auburn University in Auburn, AL as an ICU Supervisor in the Small Animal Teaching Hospital and as adjunct faculty at a local technical college for their Veterinary Technology Program.  She has been a speaker at various veterinary conferences and continuing education programs and continues to enjoy these engagements.  Jessica currently serves on the executive board of the Georgia Veterinary Technician & Assistants Association (GVTAA) as their Vice President; she is the immediate past President as well as a previous Fall Continuing Education Conference Coordinator and previous Editor.  Jessica is an active member of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) and currently serves on their social media committee and manages their Facebook page.  Jessica is one of five veterinary technicians serving on the American Animal Hospital Association's (AAHA) Veterinary Technicians Board Input Group and is also a member of the Veterinary Hospital Managers' Association (VHMA).  Jessica's special interests include emergency and critical care, practice management, and public speaking and instruction.

    Why did I choose to get into the veterinary profession? Why do I choose to get up every morning and come to work? My answer to these questions is effortless: How could I not?

    As with all careers, there are negative aspects to mine; I choose not to dwell on those because the positives and rewards FAR outweigh the negatives. I am not an emotional person and there are very few things that make me "feel", but animals are one of those things. Ever since I was little, animals and their well being, or lack thereof, has been the one thing that consistently "moves" me, "floats my boat", and "gets me going”. The way I feel and think about animals and view them is something inside of me reserved only for them. Animals are my one and only passion; that passion will never leave me.

    It sounds cliché and this is by no means the first time I have said this, but I am truly blessed to not only know 100% what I want to do with my life, and to have known since I was very young, but also to ABSOLUTELY ADORE what I do and be able to make a living from it. There are too many people that loathe going into to work every day because they either hate what they do, hate the company they work for, or both; it is so sad and so unfortunate. I love and look forward to coming to work every day. I am also tremendously blessed to be a part of a company like VCA that shares my passion and consistently demonstrates it by the expectations they set in regards to quality of medicine, patient care, and client service as well as their charitable involvement and community outreach.

    Animals are my passion. I have not only dedicated my life to it, but have also made immense investments and sacrifices for it. I am excited to talk about my career and share it with others. Every single day, it is my goal to make a difference and to infect, if not merely share, the passion and excitement that I am blessed enough to feel.

  • Assistant Manager

    Aliya Wilson

    Aliya has been a member of the VCA Roswell Animal Hospital family since 2007 and wears many hats while she is at work; not only is she a talented veterinary assistant but she is also the Assistant Hospital Manager!  She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to the Roswell area in 2000.  When not at work spoiling her patients, Aliya is at home spoiling her own family which two cats, Lola and Worm.  Also in her free time Aliya enjoys spending time with her husband and adorable son, Ashton, fishing, hiking, and making an attempt at playing tennis.  She also volunteers at the VCA-sponsored pet parade held every year.  

    Aliya says "I enjoy all types of animals and especially love helping the ones in need.  I love the people I work with and working with the humane society.  And our long time clients--I love having patients and people come in and knowing their names."