Veterinary Support

  • Certified Veterinary Technician

    Melissa Grimm

    Melissa started in the veterinary field in 2003 but has worked with animals, horses mostly, since 1996. Melissa graduated from Portland Community College (PCC) and became a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2007. Caring for animals has been her career choice for as long as she can remember. Melissa shares her home with Linus, a 5-year-old polydactyl shorthaired cat, Francis, a 4-year-old shorthaired cat, and Niels Bohr a 4-year-old guinea pig. All of Melissa’s pets are named after Nobel Prize winning scientists. Their favorite thing to do is cuddle on the couch under the blankets.

    Each of her pets has something special. Linus has an extra toe on each foot that enables him to open cupboard doors with ease. Francis has white spots hidden between his toes on the underside of each paw. And Niels has learned to squeal when he hears the sound of veggies being chopped up in the kitchen.

    When in Portland you must check out Melissa’s top pick restaurants.
    • Karam, which has amazing Lebanese food and home made pitas
    • Screen Door - there are few things more perfect than chicken and waffles
    • Pix Patisserie �" chocolaty, sugary heaven!

  • Certified Veterinary Technician

    Anneliese Kiefer

    Anneliese is a Certified Veterinary Technician and has her bachelor's degree in fine art from The Evergreen State College with an emphasis on painting, ceramics, installation art and art theory. Anneliese has worked in the veterinary community since 2003 as both a technician and client specialist in general practice, oncology and specialty surgery. She enjoys world travel, snowboarding, rock climbing, and living in Portland. She shares her home with her acrobatic cat Fiesta, the handsome but not particularly smart cat Buddy, the vocal boarder collie mix Francis Fancy Pants, and her very fur-tolerant husband.

  • Certified Veterinary Technician

    Morgan McCann

    Morgan has been working in the Veterinary field since 2006, and started as a veterinary assistant to better prepare herself for Veterinary school. She became a certified technician in 2010, and began working at Raleigh Hills shortly there after.

    Morgan has three adoring pets, Ellie the dog, Edward the handsome cat, and Marley the cat. Edward is actually the most handsome cat on the planet, and it is really unfair for all the other cats (although mom may be biased). Ellie has three legs and two different colored eyes. Even with three legs, Ellie gets around with ease and still thinks it is a good idea to pull mom everywhere they go. Morgan and Ellie love to hike! Ellie’s favorite trails are in Forest Park because of the mud for her to squish around in.

    Working in the veterinary field is a dirty job! Sometimes Morgan has had the pleasure of being urinated on, defecated on, and even vomited on at numerous occasions. Morgan is also an avid Karaoke fan and goes every week!

  • Certified Veterinary Technician

    Nancy Moritz, CVT

    Nancy has been a licensed veterinary technician since 1985. Nancy started at Michigan State University and majored in English. After realizing her true passion was working with animals, she attended the Veterinary Technician Program at MSU (Go Green!).
    Nancy and her husband now share their home with Cora, a lab terrier mix, Josie, a 16 yr old feline, and Spider, a 13 yr old feline. Nancy also cares for two feral cats she rescued from her neighborhood, Chief and Itchy.

    Cora’s life began on a rocky note and she has been monitored for heart problems over the last 4 years. Thankfully, she is doing wonderfully and always shows her sweet and gentle side with one of the biggest toothiest grins. In their free time, Nancy, her husband and Cora love going to the Oregon coast. Cora especially loves to run and frolic on the sandy beaches. They also enjoy many of the Portland eateries, especially Lucky Lab Brew Pub were even Cora is allowed to eat!

  • Certified Veterinary Technician

    Michael Stewman, CVT

    Michael has been working in the veterinary field since 1990, when he began as a kennel assistant his senior year of high school. Michael became a certified technician in 2004. He is a very driven man and has gone back to school to become a veterinarian. Michael shares his home with his cat, Meow, who was rescued from a dumpster when he was only 5 weeks old. Meow is a smart kitty and even knows how to say his own name! As long as he does not have to go to work with Michael, he is happy.

    Michael loves living close to Portland and tries to go to restaurants he has never tried before. With Portland having so many, it is not such a hard thing to do. Michael also likes the Portland nightlife scene.

  • Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Uta Briggs
    Veterinary Tech School: Portland Community College

    Uta began her career in the Veterinary field in 2006, when she realized she could combine her lifelong love of animals, ambition to learn medicine, and desire to help her dog Sierra, age gracefully.

    In 2000, Sierra found her way into Uta’s life at a youthful age of 4. She lived out her years by Uta’s side: traversing the California & Oregon mountains and beaches and befriending everyone she met - always with a smile on her face and relentless tail-wagging. Though Sierra has since passed away, she will live on in Uta’s heart and the hearts of many.

    Uta graduated in 2010 from Portland Community College’s Veterinary Technician program, and has since enjoyed the learning opportunities available at Raleigh Hills Animal Hospital �" ranging from general practice, specialty surgery, oncology and ophthalmology.

    In her free time, she enjoys creating pieces of art, with a strong emphasis on pet portraits, using pastels, charcoal, and paint.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Whitney Gassaway
    Veterinary Tech School: Penn Foster
    School: Apollo College, currently enrolled

    Whitney has always known that her heart was made for veterinary medicine; ever since she was a little girl she wanted to work with animals. In 2007, she received her veterinary assistant certificate and has worked for Raleigh Hills the past four years.

    Whitney has four pets at home. Marley is a high energy, 5-year-old lab mix who loves to give kisses. So many kisses, that every person who walks into her home gets a second shower followed by many apologies from Whitney. Whitney hopes that one day Marley will have some semblance of control over her tongue, but in the mean time, hand wipes help. Jasmine and Alley are 4-year-old cats and are also littermates who happen to be incredibly lazy, and Macey is the baby kitty of the family who is only a year and a half old. Whitney’s family loves to take Marley to Washington Park to enjoy all the different trails. While the cats do not get to go to the park they do take trips around the block on their harnesses.

    Whitney’s four legged children love unconditionally and Whitney is very happy they are all very healthy right now (knock on wood).

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Marsha James

    Marsha has been in the veterinary field for 17 years. After a year of chemotherapy and recovery she wanted something physical to do and veterinary medicine was the perfect fit. Marsha shares her home with 15 cats, 6 dogs and Nibblet the little pot-bellied pig. Almost all of her pets are rescues and Marsha loves to snuggle with them at night. Once, Marsha had to leave work twice in one hour because Bertikam, her Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig that weighs 150 pounds, got out and was taking tours of the neighborhood. Thankfully, it is hard to miss a pig that size (not to mention a PIG) so, the story had a happy ending.

    In Marsha’s down time, she loves to go to Common Wealth Park, which is full of geese and ducks. It is about a mile around the lake and is great for walking. Marsha also enjoys painting pet portraits, silly scenes, and pixie pigs on ceramics or any other medium that is available. Marsha makes the cutest boarding cards for all of Raleigh Hills’ boarding cats.