Rebecca Martin, DVM, Associate Veterinarian

DVM, University of Missouri


When Dr. Martin decided to advance in her career she wanted an area that would allow her to continue to work with dogs and cats, young and old, practice medicine and still do surgery. That meant DENTISTRY! Dr. Martin is currently practicing dentistry 75% of the time and seeing urgent care 1 day a week.

She began her career at VCA Raleigh Hills in 2007 as a general practitioner and eventually the hospital Medical Director. Dr. Martin has always had strong interests in the role of wellness care and early detection on longevity and comfort and firmly believes that we can dramatically improve an aging pets' quality of life by addressing health problems early, when they are most readily treatable-especially when it comes to their oral health!

Dr. Martin began working in the veterinary field as a teenager and used multiple part time jobs at emergency and university clinics to help finance her way through school. She started her academic training in her home state at the University of Florida, then traveled abroad to study in Glasgow Scotland for 2 years before acceptance into veterinary school in Missouri. After earning her degree Dr. Martin worked in Wisconsin before she and her husband, with their menagerie of pets, moved to Portland. Since moving, they have added more dogs, more cats, chickens, a parrot, and a human child!