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    Kriste Greer

    Kriste is the longest working employee at Raleigh Hills and has worked at the hospital for almost 20 years. Before Raleigh Hills, Kriste began her career in the veterinary field at the age of 18 at another grooming facility. There she mastered her skills and came to work in Raleigh Hills’ grooming department. When the grooming department closed, Kriste transitioned into the main hospital and lovingly cares for the patients and assists her fellow team members. Kriste still does the occasional grooming at the hospital and has also pet sat for the last 10 years.

    Kriste shares her home with one cat named Sassy. Sassy is 18 years old and came to Kriste from a friend who unfortunately passed away. Sassy is part Siamese and, as you can imagine, is a very talkative kitty. Kriste laughs about how fitting her name is. Sassy’s favorite thing to do is lay on Kriste’s stomach and purr so sweetly it makes Kriste fall asleep. A few years back, Kriste had another cat named Furball, who used to get into all kinds of mischief when she was young. Both Furball and Sassy would jump up on the screens on the back door and just “hang out” whenever they were feeling naughty. When the screen blew out after a storm, Kriste had set it up against the side of the house not dreaming that either cat would try and jump on it. Well, Furball had other plans and jumped on the screen knocking it and her over in the process. Furball landed on her feet, of course, but between the fall and the loud noises, it scared Kriste half to death. Furball was a lover but boy could she drum up trouble.

    Kriste was born in Nevada but has lived in Portland most of her life. Her favorite thing about Portland is how close it is to everything. “You can get to everything in no time: the beach, the mountains, even the airport!”. She also loves “Jake’s Crawfish”, which is the oldest restaurant in Portland and is amazing.