Laura MacLean, DVM, Associate Veterinarian

DVM, Tufts University


Dr. Laura MacLean has been our Medical Director for more than 10 years, and has just stepped out of that role.  Why?  So she can continue to practice the great medicine you have come to expect from her, and at the same time take additional CE classes to learn more.  she is particularly interested in studying more about Behavior, and Internal Medicine, and now she has the time to follow those classes closely.  In addition to preventative care, surgeries and case development, she practices Acupuncture and dispenses Chinese herbal medicine.  Often she finds that the combination of "Western Medicine" and "Eastern Medicine" provides the best possible care for the pets she sees. 

She has 1 dog, Bender, who is currently working on his "Master's degree in behavior training" plus 1 cat Fresca as well as one bird; Barley. The group keeps her going! 

Dr. MacLean often walks to work (and home) to burn off some energy; she continues to be the best mentor to us all.  We love her and you will too!