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Appointment Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM - 8:30PM, Sat 8:00AM - 4:30PM, Sun 8:00AM - 4:30PM We are also opened 24 hours a day for emergencies

Caring for pets... and their people, too.

Serving Springfield, Pennsylvania and the surrounding communities since 1949.  VCA Old Marple Animal Hospital was founded in 1949 and is located in Springfield Pa.

Whether it's an unexpected emergency in the middle of the night, a wellness appointment for your cat or dog , a health concern with a bird, guinea pig, chinchilla, ferret or other exotic pet or you need someone to watch over your pet while you go on vacation, we're here to serve you. Our dedicated staff of highly trained doctor, technicians and customer care specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week every day of the year to care for your furry friends.

Whatever your pets health care needs may be, VCA Old Marple Animal Hospital will be there for you.

Local Medical Issues

Canine Flu Alert!

Many of our clients have asked about the threat of canine influenza to their dogs. Canine flu is a highly contagious respiratory virus with nearly all dogs

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New to VCA?

In addition to the traditional services you'd expect from a veterinary hospital, we offer pets and pet parents a selection of specialized veterinary services. If you aren't sure if we offer a specific service that's important to you, please ask us. We may already offer it, or can refer you to one of our sister animal hospitals in the area or one of our veterinary referral hospitals.

The friendly, professional staff at VCA Old Marple is made up of dedicated individuals who have made it their mission to help pets live long, healthy lives. To be true to this mission the hospital team relies on several individuals, where each team member is equally important in helping us deliver the best patient and client experience for both you and your pet.

And if things get very complicated, we are fortunate to have access to the nation's largest network of VCA veterinarians and board certified specialists. In a word: TEAMWORK!

Teamwork is a constant in our daily practice. From the very first person you speak to to the person who checks you and your pet out, our team of pet lovers works cohesively to create a warm and welcoming experience for both you and your pet.

Dr. Mark Tyson
Associate Veterinarian
Veterinary School: University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Tyson received a degree in Biology in 1975 and his veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1980. Dr. Tyson acquired Old Marple

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Dr. Gretchen Fanconi-Shifflett
Associate Veterinarian
Veterinary School: Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

I grew up in rural Montgomery County Maryland. We always had a menagerie of pets, including mice, dogs, cats and goats. I spent every summer growing

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Missy's Story
SLB from Drexel Hill

We've been bringing our two cats to see Dr. Tannert for several years. She is extremely knowledgeable and empathetic; we love her--she's the best!

We brought Missy in to be examined by Dr. Tannert. Being a stray, Missy had issues that needed immediate attention. Dr. Tannert did a great job, especially treating her ear hematoma which did not require surgery. She suggested that Missy should have a feline dental cleaning in the near future with Dr. Fitzgibbon.

Last month we had to bring her in as an emergency. She was seen by Dr. Murray who was so kind and attentive. The time had arrived for Missy's dental cleaning.

Dr. Fitzgibbon took care of our cat, Gaston for a dental cleaning and extractions. We were extremely pleased with her work so, we knew Missy would be in good hands. She informed us during the cleaning that she needed two extractions and why she needed them. Missy is now recovering & eating well--no visible signs of any problems from the extractions. Dr. Fitzgibbon is thorough, caring and compassionate; thank you for the TLC.

Don't want to forget to mention Terry who is the technician supervisor--she was a big help to us with Missy. Also, want to mention Donna who scheduled the surgery and was kind enough to personally follow up with us.