Veterinary Support

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Monica Alvarez

    Monica is originally from New York, she moved to Atlanta 4 years ago. She has a 7 years old son, Ralphy and two beautiful cats, Madison and Lexington. She started working for VCA 2 years ago as a Vet Tech and she loves what she do. Anything she can do to help the pets brings her great joy.

    My passion for animals came at an early age as a child, always knew that I wanted to help and love the animals hands on. I want my clients to know that I'll take good care of their pets as my own and can have trust in me that I will do my best.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Keri Saillard

    Keri is from South Jersey, born and raised. Her family is from France, so she grew up going to our family farm every year and grew up around farm animals, growing up around animals Keri  always wanted a dog growing up but her sister was allergic so our family dog in France was loophole to getting to have a dog. The farm dog  in France growing up who was everything  to her and taught her the true bond of a girl and her dog.

     A few years ago she was lucky to have been found by the cutest rescue pup, Betty, who has since become my best friend. Betty was graced with 3 brothers �" not by her choice- last year when some kittens were brought to my last hospital and needed someone to care for them until we could find them a home, they very quickly became part of the family and love their big sister Betty.

    She and Keri love exploring together and sniffing out new little friends on our nature walks.

    Keri’s hobbies include  hiking , running, swimming , boating,  crafting  and wood working  and since before she could talk, she was lucky to be able to travel over to Europe and ever since have loved travelling and seeing new places. That curiosity to see new things is what brought me here to Georgia.

    “Why I do what I do”

    I thought that I wanted to be a teacher and even pursued a teaching degree following high school, but quickly learned that that might not be where I want to go with my life anymore. As a kid, I walked dogs so I could still spend time with them,  I tried new things and ended up working at a doggie day care which then sparked my career that I’m in now.

    I love working with our patients and being able to help be their voice so we can care for them better. I love seeing every age dog from puppies and kittens, seniors pets and hamsters to guinea pigs to rabbits. I do hope to one day get to work with farm animals but for now, I love the animals that I get to spend every day with.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Keeland Truong

    Keeland is a native of Marietta, Georgia. He has been working in the animal field for 7 years prior to joining our team at VCA North Atlanta Animal Hospital in 2014. Keeland started in the animal business at the age of 18 working at dog daycares and rescues facilities in Atlanta. After becoming a certified rehabilitation and obedience trainer for canines, he moved to Chicago to open a small daycare of his own with his sister. Later when one of his animals got severely injured he worked closely with local vets to treat his companion, when his dog had a full recovery he took an interest veterinary medicine, finding a new passion that he wanted to pursue. After moving back to Georgia he decided to apply for a role as an  animal care attendant  at VCA North Atlanta to gain knowledge and understanding of the veterinary medicine then  moving to a new role as a veterinary technician his sights were set to excel further and become a veterinarian.

     Keeland currently has two fur kid pitbulls Jinx and Hero that love going on adventures!

    Outside of work Keeland is very into outdoor activities and enjoys hiking, camping, exercising, most sports, cooking, shooting and anything he can be active in. Keeland aspires to become a Veterinarian and is taking steps to achieve this goal.

    "Why I do what I do" Loving animals has always been a must since a young age, growing up with multiple pets showed me that they’re more then something to buy, they’re my friends and I would always treat them like family I really started to get serious after I nearly lost my own pet, I never wanted to see another pet like that for animal or owner, it was an emotional time for me but the techs and doctors really helped me and I thought that’s something I could see myself doing.

    I like working here at VCA North Atlanta for multiple reasons  the drive and passion that my coworkers have for our clients and their owners, the look on a families face when we get their ill pet well again and my overall love for all my furry friends.