• Hospital Manager

    Eli Canales

    Eli has lived in San Antonio for twenty years and is a proud parent of four rescued pets, two dogs Pugsey & PeeWee, and two cats Gus & Honey. She's been with VCA Mission for 11 years.

  • Human Resources Manager

    Chief MAH

    Rest in Peace Chief, You are gone but not forgotten...   “I’ve been with VCA Mission Animal since 1998-ish. They were very lucky to have found me! I spend my days demanding attention and keeping my staff on their toes. I enjoy making the receptionist get off their chairs at least 20 times a day to let me outside. “Gotta keep them moving and the blood flowing “, I say! You can see me laying in the bushes waiting to pounce on something as long as I can see it with my eyes closed, sleeping of course. I am very familiar with all things Mission Animal Hospital, including the food. I have tasted most of the diets including the dog’s and can give my opinion if needed. I often find my way into exam rooms offering my professional opinion and don’t even charge for my own “cat scans”. If you see me don’t be shy, please come on by and say hi, I love making new friends.”    ** Disclaimer** VCA Mission Animal is not responsible for Chief’s opinion and quite often we disagree with him but it’s not easy! We love him dearly and enjoy having him around, he has been a valuable part of our family!