• Hospital Manager

    Amy Slutak
    School: University of Pennsylvania, BA

    Born and raised on the East Coast, Amy always knew that she wanted to work in the veterinary field. She attended college at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and as a freshman, began working in the emergency room at the veterinary hospital there. It was there that she developed advanced technical skills and an increased passion for helping animals and their owners through challenging medical situations. Eventually Amy moved to California in 2000 where she had the opportunity to join the amazing veterinary community in Marin County. After years of being a technician, Amy began to focus on veterinary management and client services and now enjoys her position as Hospital Manager at Madera Pet Hospital.
    She has a wonderful and affectionate cat named Zander who made the long trip from Philadelphia to join her here several years ago.
    Amy has a passion for photography and enjoys capturing the beautiful landscapes and people of the Bay Area.

  • Administrative Assistant

    Karen Schaser