Services Overview

In addition to the routine veterinary care we provide for your pet, we also offer such advanced services as orthopedic surgery for bone and joint problems. Our doctors can perform extensive dental services and oral surgery, incorporating a digital dental X-ray machine and dental unit similar to the one found in your own dentist's office. We would be more than happy to implant a HomeAgain microchip for permanent pet identification and to reduce the panic and tragedy involved with a lost pet. We offer a carefully monitored intensive-care area for emergency situations as well as a separate isolation ward for contagious cases. We are also equipped with up-to-date, in-house diagnostic instrumentation, thus ensuring that all in-house diagnostics are completed on the same day as submission. Other capabilities include digital radiology, electrocardiography, ultrasound, acupuncture and laser therapy to name a few. If your pet requires a procedure beyond our level of expertise, we can offer a referral to a variety of veterinary specialists.