Health Certificates

Have you wanted to take your pet with you on vacation or a move? Well you need a Health Certificate if you want to go by airplane or sometimes by car through state lines. We can provide a Certified Health Certificate signed by one of our doctors for you and your pet for a hassle free travel. The Health Certificate needs to be done within 10 days of traveling because it is only good for those 10 days. If you are flying out of the country you need to contact the consulate in order to find out what your requirements are for your pet to fly. After this is completed and our Dr has done the Health Certificate for your pet, you need to have the USDA sign the certificate and the closest one to us is in Austin, TX. All of this is only required if you need to fly out of the country. If you are traveling within the country only the Health Certificate is needed. If you have any questions our Dr’s will be more than happy to help answer anything you are unsure about. A Health Certificate is very easy to obtain at our clinic. We can make traveling with your pet as enjoyable as possible. You can also speak with the Dr about prescribing something for your pet if any anxiety occurs when your pet travels.