Veterinary Support

  • Technician Supervisor

    Amy Peloquin

    "I am the Veterinary Technician Supervisor, What I love most about my job is that the animals we see always make me feel better when I am having a tough day.  I love making my clients and patients feel better and I try to continue to learn everything I can about veterinary medicine.  I especially love working in surgery, making sure my patients stay safe under anesthesia and wake up comfortable and free from pain.  Working at VCA Greater Savannah Animal Hospital is such and exciting job and I am learning new things every day!"

  • Technician

    Chrisse Watson

    "The love that I have for animals is unexplainable. They depend on us to be their voice and to help them when they need it. The feeling that I get when I am able to help a sick or injured animal feel better is indescribable. I love my job and what I do, I couldn't imagine doing any other job and will do this for the rest of my life."