• Hospital Manager

    Kandyce Exler

    Kandyce has been with VCA since 2010, starting out she was a Client Service Representative, she then grew into a Technician and now Manages our Hospital, you could say that she has a complete understanding of all aspects of running an efficient Animal Hospital. When Kandyce is not working she enjoys live music, exploring Savannah, abstract painting, and spending time with her fiancé Alan and their two Pit bulls; Teller Morrow and Loxley Kredd, that she affectionately calls her "Pity Pies". Kandyce just moved to Savannah at the beginning of May 2014, and we are so excited to have her join the team!

    *FUN FACT* Kandyce actually created the Southeast Mid-Atlantic Region's Slogan "Client Centered. Pet Focused" featured on all of the employee name tags, back in August 2012 and has worked for FOUR VCA Animal Hospitals from California to Florida.

    "I am in this profession because it is my passion, my goal for VCA Greater Savannah is to create an environment that our clients can feel like they are an extension of our family, where their pets receive top of the line care, with reasonable payment options."