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Dr. Leslie Sanders
Medical Director

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Caring for pets... and their people, too.

Freehold Animal Hospital is proud to have been serving the community for over 55 years. We have grown into a large, full-service hospital that is committed to providing you with excellent customer service and a welcoming experience every time you visit. We have been accredited by The American Animal Hospital Association, which is one of the highest honors an animal hospital can achieve. That means we are voluntarily inspected and evaluated in over 1,000 criteria, including continuing education, medical record-keeping, pain management, diagnostic equipment, surgery, dentistry, and facility safety and maintenance to name just a few of the areas graded.

In addition to our excellent medical care, we also have a luxury boarding facility with dog runs and kitty condos. If you're going away, you can relax, knowing that your pet is in the best hands. You can choose from a wide variety of amenities, including spa packages, ice cream treats, raised beds, cuddle time and extra walks. ...See More

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We are a full-service boarding facility specializing in tender loving care. We treat your pets like our own. Dogs and cats are separated for their comfort. All dogs are walked in our large, fenced-in yard three times daily. Cats are housed in luxury two-level kitty condos. You can select from a wide variety of amenities for your pets comfort, including extra walks, cuddle time, ice cream treats, massages and full spa packages. Enjoy your trip knowing that you pet is in the best possible hands.

If you have a pet that needs special attention for medical conditions, let us customize your boarding package. We can care for all special needs pets such as diabetics, geriatric pets, and pets with chronic conditions. These pets may be required to visit with our physicians prior to boarding to be evaluated.

All pets boarding at our facility must be fully vaccinated and parasite-free. Any dogs staying over four nights will have a bath prior to checking out. We feed all pets Science Diet Maintenance food. If your pet has special dietary requirements, please bring your own food in sealed containers. We provide all pets with comfy beds that are washed daily. If you have specific instructions for the care of your pet, just let us know. Please stop by to tour our boarding facility and meet the staff. Call to schedule your boarding appointment today.

The friendly, professional staff at VCA Animal Hospital is made up of dedicated individuals who have made it their mission to help pets live long, healthy lives.  To be true to the mission, the hospital team relies on several individuals, each equally important in helping us deliver the best patient and client experience for both you and your pet.  And if things get complicated, we are fortunate to have access to the nation's largest network of VCA veterinarians and board-certified specialists.

Dr. Katie Koehler
Staff Veterinarian
Veterinary School: Western University of Health Sciences

Dr. Koehler is a New Jersey native who grew up in Toms River. She attended Virginia Tech University where she completed her Bachelor of Sciences

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Dr. Kristina Deak
Associate Veterinarian
Veterinary School: Auburn University

Dr. Kristina Deak received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Siena College in Loudonville, NY. After graduating from Ross University School

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What We Like ABOUT Freehold VCA
Lori Forrest from Freehold

I have been a customer at the Freehold facility for over 25 years. Dr. Gloth initially took care of my childhood dog, Snowflake and then years later, my parents dog Kya and currently my 2 dogs Sierra & Nevada. He did and still does so with a huge smile on his face and a concerning "How�s your parents doing?" whenever I go in for an appointment.

When I met my husband almost 3 years ago, he had two dogs as well. Since Dr. Gloth was no longer taking new clients, Bob�s dogs � Chynna and Lexi had the privilege of getting to know Dr.Tullio � only too well though.

As lazy as Lexi (a husky) is, she seems to always be getting hurt. First it was getting her "thumb" nail ripped off while playing with Sierra and then it was a large mass in her hind leg that all of a sudden appeared one week after her normal physical. Chynna is a Sharpei, and as inherent in that breed, has several serious health issues- eye ulcers and bad skin.

Dr. Tullio has treated both dogs A LOT lately due to these ailments. He does so with a huge laugh every time he sees Bob sitting in the waiting room with one or the other of the dogs, but he also does so with such extreme dedication and compassion that one rarely finds these days.

He has squeezed the dogs in for emergency appointments when I�m sure he thought he was going to head home on time this time and has made phone calls to Bob well past closing hours on a Friday night or first thing when he arrived to the office to let us know how the dogs faired after surgery or a procedure.

When my parents� dog died very suddenly last year, Dr. Gloth was not on that day. But thankfully, Dr. Tullio was and treated my parents and Kya as if he was their doctor the last 15 years, just like Dr Gloth would have. He did every thing he could to try and revive her, was so compassionate to my parents in the waiting room right afterwards, and had already told Dr. Gloth about what happened before my mother showed up first thing the next morning to once again thank everyone at the office for how nice they were to them and Kya the night before.

And although not specifically by name, I can not forget the ENTIRE rest of the staff that makes every visit pleasant (and most likely keeps the place together!)
� The Techs: treat each dog like it�s their own � taking them for walks, giving them biscuits, giving and getting a few hugs kisses here and there.
� The Front Desk: efficient scheduling of appointments; courteous phone skills; a "Come right in" in an emergency; know who you are when you call (now granted we�ve been there a lot lately) but it really does show they care and pay attention.
� The rest of the Doctors: whom we may not have had a chance to deal with directly yet, but we know they have been involved with consultations of our dogs and certainly contribute to the overall experience we�ve had at Freehold VCA.

We know we will be customers of Freehold VCA for life!! And we can�t even begin to thank everyone enough for treating our dogs so well and with the best care that we could ask for from anyone!!!!!!!