Dr. Troy L. Cobb, DVM, Medical Director

DVM, Texas A&M University


Having received his B.S. in Biology from TAMU, Dr. Cobb graduated from Texas A&M Veterinary College in 1993. He has been practicing medicine in the Dallas area since. He came on board with VCA in August of 2005 where he took an active role at VCA CEAH as medical director. Besides practicing medicine on a day to day basis, Dr. Cobb also oversees proper medical care of all patients and communication with clients, as well as assists in training and continued education of staff members.

He has 3 dogs- Barney, Rhubarb and Pepe and 2 cats- Mikey and Spanky.

Dr. Cobb enjoys films, reading, and traveling.  He is very active and loves bike riding, hiking and exercising.