• Office Manager

    Carol Swenson
    School: Bucks County Community College, AA: Administrative Secretarial

    Carol started working at VCA Cat Hospital in May of 1998. She acquired her first cat, her beloved Zack Cat, courtesy of the VCA Cat Hospital almost before receiving her first paycheck. Being a cat owner, apparently, was a job requirement -- but one she didn’t mind! She was initially hired as a kennel attendant, and was next trained to do grooming. She also spent time working in the lab before transitioning to reception work. She was promoted to Office Manager in 2003. Carol has a new cat to love in her life, her sweet little boy Henry. When asked why she does what she does Carol said "I chose to be the office manager because working here is not what I do, it's who I am. It's been 18 years, but it feels like it's only been 18 minutes. I feel lucky to have been here as long as I have been and to have made so many strong relationships with you, our clients, as well as the staff."