Client Services

  • Front Office Manager

    Delanie B.

    Delanie is our Front Office Manager and Treatment Supervisor.  She has lived in the area for several years and in addition to working with us, she and her family have been clients since the practice was first established in 1993.  She has two dogs and five cats at home.  When asked what she loves about VCA California Oaks she said, "I have total confidence in our doctors and I truly believe in the care that they provide.  I know, from my years as a client and as a member of the staff, how dedicated our team is.  We are always striving to evolve in order to offer the best in modern veterinary medicine."

  • Client Service

    Zeb C.

    Zeb came back to VCA California Oaks in 2015, but has been in the veterinary field for over 10 years; working directly with pets and their owners helping to heal and comfort. He owns two wonderful large breed dogs. His oldest one is a boxer-lab mix named Comet; his middle name is "Francesca" and he insists on rolling the "R" when said. His other dog is an Akabash, who looks like Falcor the luck dragon, named Zero. When asked about what he likes about VCA California Oaks Zeb states, "I am fortunate to work with and be cared for by my friends, aka the entire staff. They make this place the amazing hospital that it is. I am so proud of our hospital and I know you will be too."

  • Receptionist

    Jessica H.

    Jessica joined our team in January 2015. She has four dogs at home: a 6-year-old Blue Nose Pit Bull named Zoey, a 3-year-old Jack Russell named RC, an 11-year-old Chihuahua named Sebi and a 13-year-old Basset Hound named CJ.  She also has a 7-year-old Ball Python named Twitch.  She recently was promoted to Front Office Supervisor and couldn't be more happier in her new role.  Jessica is currently working on her Master Degree that she will be obtaining within the next year and hopes to further her education, depending on what life throws at her. Either way, she is up for the challenge and looks forward to spending many more years with her family at VCA California Oaks!


  • Receptionist

    Jenne L.

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  • Receptionist

    Danny R.

    Danny joined the VCA California Oaks family in May 2016. From the first day he felt excitement grip him as he began his journey into the veterinary field. Danny is a huge animal lover and has three dogs, one cat, eight chickens and mice in the rafters.  In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, taking hikes and wine tasting. When asked what Danny appreciates about VCA California Oaks he said, "This building is addicting, from the staff to clients to the pets, there is something here that draws the loving in. Everyone is greeted just like I was greeted, as a member of the family.  We welcome all; from sick to well and everyone is welcomed with wide arms and smiles.  I couldn't imagine a better place to fill my days with then my second family at VCA Cal Oaks."