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VCA All Caring Animal Hospital

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We are closed between 12 and 1pm on Fridays for staff meetings. We are also closed for all major holidays.

Caring for pets... and their people, too.

The VCA All Caring Animal Hospital is nestled in the heart of the beautiful Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. The hospital was newly built in 1998 and opened shortly thereafter. We then joined the VCA team in 2006.

We offer both holistic and conventional veterinary medicine. Besides regular veterinary services such as preventative medicine, diagnostics, radiology, dentistry and surgery, we offer alternative therapies such as acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and homeopathy. We tailor our care to reflect your needs as well as your pets�.

Local Medical Issues

Having a pet is one of the best parts of life -and it is our job to help keep your pet healthy. Awareness of common medical issues is key in preventing pets from disease. Local medical issues include problems with intestinal parasites and tick-borne diseases. There are things we can and should do to protect our pets from these diseases.

Intestinal parasites can be transmitted through contaminated

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New to VCA?

Traditional Medicine with a holistic approach, including homeopathy, herbal treatments, and acupuncture.

At VCA All Caring, we have a great team of two doctors, one manager, two supervisors, four technicians and three receptionists to give your pet the very best care.

We are a very close-knit group and we like working together. We don't just love animals at work - every staff member at All Caring has multiple pets of their own at home!

The hospital is a second home to most of us, and a primary home to our hospital cats; Buddy, Ramona, and Josie; our hospital Bunny, and our hospital parakeet Gary;  - who are valued staff members as well!

Dr. Vicki June
Staff Veterinarian
Veterinary School: Cornell University

Dr. Vicki June graduated from Cornell University with her BS in Animal Science in 1991, and from Cornell Veterinary College in 1995. She completed

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Dr. Madeleine Hoog-Crellin
Staff Veterinarian
Veterinary School: Iowa State University

Dr. Madeleine Hoog-Crellin graduated from the University of Vermont with a BS in Animal Science. She then attended Iowa State University College

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We really Appreciate Dr. Phillips
Rob Surico from Schenectady, NY/NYC

My wife and I began using All Caring approximately 15 years ago to provide high quality veterinary care for our dachshund, Stretch. We chose All Caring because of its reputation and holistic focus. We were given Stretch by my brother who was terminally ill and could no longer care for him. Stretch had always hated going to the vet and would shake and cry. That was until he met the folks at All Caring and specifically, Dr. Phillips. Stretch loved her and his periodic visits. Dr. Phillips was his Vet until the end of his long life and we greatly appreciated the care she gave him. Dr. Phillips also cared for our Corgi, Corky, for his short life and provided excellent care to him as well. Now we have a new Dachshund, named Toby. He is a rescue from Springfield, MA and we immediately decided that Dr. Phillips and the All Caring team would provide his veterinary care. We feel it is well worth the long drive from New York for such high quality care.