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Caring for pets... and their people, too.

VCA Alexandria Animal Hospital combines state-of-the-art medicine with old-fashioned compassion. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality medicine and care and have been since 1942.

When you need health care, there are a number of specialists that you may consult, but when your pets need care, there is only one - their veterinarian.

The Emergency and Critical Care Department of VCA Alexandria Animal Hospital provides one of the few round-the-clock services for veterinary care in the area. Our hospital is staffed at all times with veterinarians and technicians to attend to the emergency needs of your pet. All veterinarians are trained to care for the unique needs of your pet during an emergency and work as a team with your regular veterinarian consulting on difficult cases. Our facilities are equipped with the latest in veterinary technology. As a result, many local veterinarians trust us as the premier referral emergency hospital for their patients

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24 Hour Emergency Service

VCA Alexandria Animal Hospital is unique in our community for providing emergency care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can count on our critical care team to be here when you need them the most. Your pet's health deserves the finest care. We have carefully selected a diverse staff of veterinarians and technicians, each with specific interests or specialties. Each member of our team strives for the advancement of veterinary medicine. When you bring your pet to us, you can be certain you will receive the dedication and compassion that makes our hospital stand out in patient care.

Please call us at 703-823-3601 immediately if you believe your pet is experiencing an emergency.

Please click here to learn more about what might constitute a pet emergency.


Your veterinarian may choose to send your pet to us for further diagnostics or overnight care. In those instances, VCA Alexandria Animal Hospital functions as an extension of your primary veterinarian, performs any necessary procedures, and communicates back to them so they know what has transpired and can keep you informed.

General Practice

Just as in a human hospital, VCA Alexandria Animal Hospital offers your pets all the preventative, diagnostic, surgical and emergency services they need to share a long and happy life with you. You want to know that the hospital caring for your pet is well equipped with the latest technology and equipment, that the staff is knowledgeable and, most of all, that your pet will receive the same love and attention during their care as they would at home. Since we all own pets, we understand your concerns and take special care to treat your loved ones as though they were our own.

At VCA Alexandria Animal Hospital we take great pride in the tenure of our staff. Everyone is dedicated to their job and is an essential part of our team. We all work together to provide the best customer service and medical care at all times to the best of our ability and everyone's efforts are needed to accomplish our goal.

Dr. Marcus Smail
Associate Veterinarian
Veterinary School: Cornell University

Dr. Smail joined the critical care team at VCA Alexandria Animal Hospital in July 2003. Born and raised in Albany, NY, Marcus graduated from Siena

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Dr. Jennifer Gilbert
Associate Veterinarian
Veterinary School: Tufts University

Dr. Gilbert is a native of Newark, Delaware.  After graduating from Tufts University cum laude, she taught in Japan for a year before returning

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Little Pee Wee
Martha Martinez from Arlington

I just want to say Thank you so much for taking care of my cat Pee Wee two months ago. He is back to his normal more salmon in a can for him!!
Martha Martinez
Pee Wee's mom