VCA Yucca Valley Animal Hospital Testimonials

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With us through it all.

-Jennifer from Joshua Tree, CA
Pet Name: Gizmo, Adler, and Tabby

We moved to California from Virginia only a couple of months ago. We chose VCA Yucca Valley Animal Hospital because they were the only place we could find in this immediate area that could perform the necessary testing on our 13 year old dog, such as blood pressure testing. Both of our dogs have been treated by Dr. Taylor and various technicians. They have all been wonderful and extremely helpful. Our older dog's health had started to go downhill about six months ago, and as long as it was reasonable, the staff here helped us and our dog fight the good fight to keep him as healthy as possible. Dr. Taylor was very well educated on the latest medical treatments available for our dog's various medical conditions. When it came time to give up that fight and let him cross over the rainbow bridge, Dr. Taylor was respectful, honest, helpful, and supportive. They have continued to be very supportive and understanding since the passing of our dog. We were very lucky to have found this animal hospital when we moved out here, and I would recommend them to anyone.

happy with service

-Cynthia from yucca valley, CA

I brought my dog in and Dr B Smith was very compassionate and caring. My pet needed to have a tooth removed and it was affecting his eating. With in 1 week my pet was back to his normal schedule. I would recommend anyone to this hospital. Every one was nice, neat, and knowledgeable. And most of all my pet was well taken care of.

Exceptional Care

-Clyde from Joshua Tree, CA
Pet Name: Daisy

I took our family pet, Daisy, into the VCA this morning to have her checked out. Dr. B. Smith and all the staff were very caring and compassionate and gave Daisy the best treatment possible for her ailment. I would recommend the VCA to anyone when it comes to having top quality care for their beloved pets.

Such good help when needed.

-Deborah Nolan from Yucca Valley, CA
Pet Name: Chaka Khan

We have a 13 yr. old cat named Chaka Khan, and one morning I petted her on the top of the head and blood and pus came pouring out. (like a bad horror movie)..Since we just recently moved here from back east, we had no vet in the area. Being handicapped and disabled, I was frantic as to where to get help for her, that I could afford. I called YVAH and talked to them there, and they said bring her in, we'll do paper work here to help you get payment help. True to their word, I was approved for credit (6 months to pay and no interest) before they finished the examination. They gave me an estimated bill...and took our cat in for surgery, kept her overnight, did blood work, antibiotics, and whatever she needed for the surgery. When we picked her up the next morning (a new haircut and stitches on the head) they sent us home with meds for her to take. Now, not only were they helpful, caring, friendly and professional but the actual bill was over a $100 less than what they estimated. Everyone there will try their best to help you in anyway they can. They even called the following Monday to see how she was doing. It's a wonderful vet hospital, and Dr. Miller and staff are the absolute best! Thanks again all!

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Excellent Care and Very Supportive

-Laurie Cervantes from Yucca Valley, CA
Pet Name: Jake

Our 22-year old cat very recently began to have health issues, and the staff were all kind, knowledgeable, and most compassionate. They did all they could, and very professionally, but in the end we lost our Jake. We were so touched when we received a card in the mail yesterday, with personal messages hand written by the veterinarian and other staff members, expressing their condolences for our loss of our beloved pet. I've never experienced anything like this, and it was so greatly appreciated. We're so very fortunate to have this facility in Yucca Valley.

VCA Yucca Valley is a wonderful place to take your

-Don and Lorraine Marino from Yucca Valley, CA
Pet Name: Bentley

We have been taking our pets to Yucca Valley Animal Hospital since 1990 when it was just Dr. Lowe’s practice in the old Slater Brothers center. Since then it has evolved into the beautiful VCA facility next door to Bank of America. We are fortunate to have it. There you will find a team of exceptional veterinary professionals; each one devoted to the care and comfort of our pets. The amazing thing about the staff is that, in addition to their excellent skills and experience, they are all so pleasant and helpful and kind. You can feel immediately that these are truly “animal people” and that this is no ordinary vet’s office. They give as much love, tenderness, and compassion to every “patient” as they would give their own pet. The staff’s concern extends to the pet owner also as they do all they can to make each visit as painless for them as for the animal.
We highly recommend the VCA Yucca Valley Animal Hospital

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Compliments to an Excellent Staff

-John and Audrey from Yucca Valley, CA

We moved to YV after 30 years in San Francisco and were thrilled to find this facility for our 7 cats. The front office staff are always attentive and on top of things. They always have a very positive attitude and maintain a clean and orderly waiting room, even when it is hectic. The vets are competent, knowledgeable, responsive and easy to deal with. The techs have worked miracles with our anxiety ridden cat who must go in for weekly fluids because of his renal disease. For many years, he had to be sedated to have anything done to him. But now, he goes in willingly and comes home happy. Who could ask for more?