VCA Wyoming Animal Hospital Testimonials

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-Cheri Lenhert from Albuquerque, NM
Pet Name: Nemo

My Alaskan Malamute Nemo just loves to see everyone at VCA Wyoming Hospital. He is a BIG HAM and always makes himself known to everyone there when he enters the Vets. They all dote on him as well as my other dog Cassie and my 2 almost 13 yr old cats, Sebastian and Sachi.
I have been going to this clinic for maybe 15 yrs I think when I had my first 2 pets Ah Chu and Dakoda.


-Mary R. Cook from Albuquerque, NM
Pet Name: Sue Ling Ling Ling

I have taken my dogs to VCA since I acquired them five years ago. They are seniors who require extra care, and I love them more than anyone. The staff at VCA treats us with the utmost kindness and professionalism. Whether its a phone call, quick checkup, or an important surgery, I have always been thoroughly impressed with these people. As I told the office manager, his team sets the standard for quality service, and I highly recommend them.


-Cheri Lenhert from Placitas, NM
Pet Name: Nemo Cassie Sebastian Sachi

All of my 4 animals love the vets at VCA on Wyoming. NEMO in particular is a BIG ham with the all of the staff. Nemo is an Alaskan Malamute and always makes his voice heard as soon as he walks through the door.

He is the only dog that I know that gets so excited when he sees the VCA building as I am driving up to it. The staff is great with him and make such a big fuss over him. They are very good with my other animals too.

I drive a long ways to use them since I would rather go to these vets that I feel so comfortable with.

Thank you to the whole staff.

Awesome staff

-Paula M from Albuquerque, NM
Pet Name: Roland

I have been taking my dog to Dr. Martin for his entire life. I cannot imagine taking him to another vet. She is warm, sweet, and you can tell she loves her patients. My dog loves going to see her! Her staff are an awesome group of people. They make you feel so welcome!

Finest care, most pleasant experiences at VCA Wyo.

-Kati and kids from Albuquerque, NM
Pet Name: Flower

My animal friends are so dear to me -- I've had dozens thru my life. When I found Dr. Grainger years ago, I knew I would follow her practice wherever it might go. With the entire VCA team of Drs and Specialists behind her, modern and incredible equipment and resources, access almost at any time/day (24 hours daily at VCA Montgomery), I know my 'kids' will receive the finest care possible. And they have: in recent years, my 2 best friends, beautiful Michael and sweet Scottie, lived with me for 17 years - even when one of these kitties was diagnosed at 7 weeks with a terrible heart problem, with incredible care and guidance, he lived an active, healthy life 'til he 'crossed the rainbow bridge'. Scottie was always so comfortable with the fabulous staff, that she was happy to sit quietly on the counter, or wherever, and watch the goings-on. When the time came that each was ready to go, with Dr. Grainger and the loving staff at Wyoming, they helped me in so many truly appreciated ways, and then with the specialists at VCA Montgomery, my little friends were each given compassionate, loving care as each one was allowed to gently leave their problems behind. Dr. Grainger, Dr. Martin and their lovely staff helped me as I grieved and cried, trying to adjust to my quiet home. The Forget-Me-Not seeds given to me by VCA, were strewn about my garden, and this last Spring, bloomed everywhere. Seeds were saved and will be tossed out to produce more lovely reminders of my kids. Several months after losing my Michael and Scottie, I stopped by Wyoming VCA to say 'hi', and there to say hi back was not only the wonderful staff, but also a beautiful 7-year old Siamese who'd been found in an alley, thin and sick. When I saw her, she was gaining weight and healthy, and with the staff's encouragement, we went into a private room to see if we liked each other. Now, Flower has become my new best friend, so full of personality, fun and life, and entertaining and keeping me company every day. Pictures of many of the animals who have loved me unconditionally are everywhere, and Flower will never take the place of any of them, but with VCA's compassionate attention, and the valued guidance and care of Dr. Grainger, she will be the most important personality in this home, loved and the recipient of so much attention, just as Scottie and Michael were, and many others before. I am the fortunate one.