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-Janet Irion from Oak Lawn, IL
Pet Name: Buster and Scarlett

You all have been so nice when we bring in our cats. We admit it we are obsessive parents, and you go out of your way to help and reassure. Our Kitties are a handful.Dr. Loxtercamp is the best! Gail knows my voice on the phone. Cheryl is a gem and so are the people under her. For all you do, this compliment is for all of you!

Great Having Doctors That Care About Pets

-Ruthie Delwiche from Chicago, IL
Pet Name: Misty

Just got back from the doctors visit due to an ear infection on my 5 year old dog. The doctors at VCA Worth Animal hospital are outstanding. It is wonderful the way they treat every four legged patient that comes in. Despite my Misty's nervousness, the doctors at VCA knew exactly how to handle her and that is why I will continue to bring not only Misty, but all 3 dogs here.

The Loss of Dory

-Barbara J.Kreuger from Chicago, IL
Pet Name: Dory

I have never been to this animal hospital before but when my little cat Dory started to act weird and my regular vet disappeared I called and asked them to see her... they fit in right away and were so compassionate when it turned out we would have to let Dory go, they were patient in letting me say goodbye to her, but I had to. A few days later I received the wonderful card from the office and the vet herself wrote a little note in it, how special for her to take the time to do that as if she has treated Dory all her life!! The VCA Worth Animal Hospital in Palos Hills, IL, is the best. My other cat has a regular exam there now, and they will be taking care of any future pets we may have. Thank you.

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Thanks VCA Worth Animal Hospital

-Stephen Schnell from La Grange, IL
Pet Name: Cooper

Our family dog suffered a severe injury to his mouth on a Friday evening of a holiday weekend and needed emergency attention. VCA Worth Animal Hospital is our primary care facility and was unquestionably our immediate choice to go to in order to treat his injury. Dr. Wendy Breckenridge was the Veterinarian who attended to his injury. She and the staff of Technicians that evening carefully diagnosed the injury and attended to a long and meticulous procedure. Dr. Breckenridge and the staff did an outstanding job treating the injury along with providing the family with comfort and reassurance.

One additional note I would like to mention; friends would always ask about what happened and where we went for help. I would explain the injury and the care that was given by Dr. Breckenridge and the Techs at VCA Worth Animal Hospital. Everyone always responded with positive comments regarding VCA Worth Animal Hospital and confirmed the excellent reputation of the Veterinarians and Staff.

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Our Family Dog

-Ginger's Family from Hickory Hills, IL
Pet Name: Ginger

We were fortunate to have Ginger in our lives for 18 years. Two years ago, she got very sick and we had to take her to an emergency vet. The place that we took her said that it was a matter of time; she would not get better and we would need to put her down. We took her to her primary vet at Worth and were prepared to euthanize her, but the vet ended up saving her life because she knew the true diagnosis was vestibular disease. Ginger was able to live 2 more years because of the vet's insight. Unfortunately, Ginger's health began to fail a few months ago. We knew she would not get better and she lived as much as she could. Ginger could not hear, could barely see, and no longer could walk or control herself. We knew it was time and the vet at Worth was very patient with us. It was the most difficult thing my family went through. I felt better with the comfort the vet offered us. It really meant a lot to us to feel their sincerity. A week later, all of the vets that Ginger had seen at Worth sent us a card that included a personal note about Ginger. The experience that we had at Worth Animal Hospital was the best it could have been during the worst time.

Super employees

-Barbara Gagle from Burbank, IL

Just before Christmas 2010 my husband and I had to put our precious Lady to sleep do to her developing cancer. The compassion shown by everyone at Worth animal hospital was unbelievable. From the doctors to the support staff. My husband and I received a condolence card signed by staff at the hospital. Also received a condolence card a few weeks later from one of the vets who had just heard about Lady. When I went to pick up Lady's remains, I was presented with her Paw print, which was so touching. While I was waiting for her remains one of the support staff talked with me for quite a while about Lady. Everyone was truly amazing.

I have been going to Worth for years and my dogs and I have always been treated great. The vets are the greatest and I have the utmost respect for them and know that they as well as the support staff have my dogs best interest at heart. When I have called the hospital to speak with a vet (Dr. Yu) and have to leave a message she gets back to me in a timely matter. I do not even get that type of response from my husbands doctors. Dr. Yu calls the next day with tests results or if she is going to be off the next day she advises me of that and then calls when she returns. If my dog is given medication, Dr. Yu will call and check to see how my dog is doing on the medication. I trust Dr. Yu and all the other vets advice and feedback.

Thank you everyone at Worth for helping me to get through a difficult time.

Thank you again everyone from vets,technicians, and support staff for being there. You are just awesome!!!

Update - my husband and I just recently adopted a 11 months old from animal welfare which I brought in to be checked out. Looking forward to seeing everyone for many years to come.

Barbara Gagle

Our Sincerest Thanks From Frankie and Magic

-Nicole from Oak Forest, IL
Pet Name: Frankie and Magic

VCA Worth Animal Hospital is the only place I trust with the health care of my pets. My five year old Corgi has experience with all of the vets at VCA Worth, and I am not at all particular about who he sees, they are ALL amazing. Every doctor there dedicates their time to patient and owner. When we had to put my beloved cat down, Dr. Loxtercamp and Dr. Delmagori were so supportive, returning phone calls immediately and exploring every option available. Most recently, my Frankie suffered a cruciate ligament rupture. The receptionists allowed me to bring him in an hour after the injury occurred, and it was on that day that we had the joy of meeting Dr. Wendy Breckinridge. She was so helpful and understanding of our situation, and again, helped us to explore all of our options. Yet another amazing example of the professionals employed at VCA Worth Animal Hospital!

Great grooming and very clean Animal Hospital

-Alan Milewski from Bridgeview, IL
Pet Name: bruno

Worth Animal Hospital is very clean and the staff was great. A+ service all around and Thank you to Dede the groomer, Great job on Bruno!

Good Quality of Care

-Nancy Shepherd from Oak Lawn, IL
Pet Name: Brittney

When I had to have my cat Brittney put down in May of 2011 Dr. Dill and the staff were so compassionate. Would not take my pets any place else. Soon after losing Brittney I did get another cat and named her Callie, everyone at VCA Worth seemed to just fall in love with her as I did. Look forward to still bringing her there for all her future care. They all take good care even for my cat Muffin too.

The Best Vet I've Ever Met

-Jaci Bakker from Bridgeview, IL
Pet Name: Misty

My husband & I have know Dr. Wendy Breckenridge for a number of years & she has always been number one to us. She is responsible, family orientated, kind & especially gentle with our "Misty". There should be more like her and this world would be a better place.