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-Roy Hahn from portland, OR
Pet Name: Dekoda

Dear Friends, @ VCA Woodstock Animal Hospital

On February 27, I came to your Hospital with my dog. We came because the Vet my dog had been going to didn't have time to see her, at best in about 4 to 5 hours. It was odd they didn't even know me or my dog after have uterine surgery there. I was loss, miss placed, but they did call your Hospital and you could get Dekoda in. I have had her for over 13 years and as you know that is a long time for a large breed like her. Woodstock Animal Hospital rushed her in they could tell Dekoda was not just my dog. Thank you ladies form the bottom of my heart.

Dekoda was with me through two wives and two kids. She was always here for me, through from the loss of a daughter, loss mother, and more a lot of loss. Brooklyn and Heather my daughters and I found her in Fairbanks Alaska, her dad was the lead sled dog all working Newfoundland supper smart, her mom was the house pet she was German Shepherd, Rottweiler mix, daddy got out one night! When I seen her the first time, I thought of my best friend wife, her name was Dekoda, so I pissed her off and name my new dog after her! I know you hear all the time that someone's dog is a part of the family, but Dekoda was more then that, she was a focal point in are life. She keep-ed us grounded when we were falling out of control. Dekoda loved to ride in the back of my pickup, and when we would go through a drive through, I would ask them to give her a sandwich too. The looks I would get were so unreal. Dekoda has been all over the US and one time we were driving back from Alaska. We were looking at a black bear while on a bridge and as we were driving over it. Dekoda seen the bear and waited tell we got rite next to it, and put out one loud bark! This bear was shocked and spring up then jumped over the side of the bridge. If you feel bad for the bear it was only about an 8 foot drop and the bear was fine. But this was a spark in the fire of Dekoda.

I wish to thank all of you for the care you put forth in this hard time for us. I did not want to put Dekoda down; I was giving up my best friend, my better side in my life. I know she nipped one of you and I am so sorry, I hope she is ok. You all where great! I am not going to get a dog for some time; I don't have it in me right now. But when I do we will have you all help me with them. Yes I think I will get two of them and I have their names already. Beauty and Beast, I think? Well as I say thank you for your help and kindness my eyes are tearing up again. The ones we have loss are the ones we can't forget.

All my best Roy H

PS; I loved my dog! To Xenia Zawadzkas that was helping us, I wish I would had hug you. You have such a hard job, and I could see it disturb you too. But you were correct it was time to say good bye.

Thank you

The Greatest Staff

-Myran from Portland, OR
Pet Name: Smokey and Babyness

Have been a client with VCA Woodstock for a few years and they have always been 100% professional and just the nicest and most caring folks you will ever meet . I will always trust their advice and handling of all our pets.

Pet Image

Wonderful staff and high quality care

-Rose from Portland, OR
Pet Name: Alfie

When my little dog, Alfie, became ill yesterday with diarrhea and vomiting, I knew he needed to see a vet quickly. Unfortunately, his regular vet was unable to get him in so I had to call around. I had heard great things about VCA Woodstock, so I called to see if they had any appointments available. The receptionist told me they didn't have anything open, but she checked with the doctor and they were able to squeeze me in.

I was SO thankful they were able to see my dog on such short notice. When we arrived at the clinic, we were greeted by a very friendly staff and a nice clean facility. Dr. Horlings and her assistant were great with Alfie and he is already feeling better today!

We will definitely be back to visit VCA Woodstock, but hopefully next time it will be with a healthy Alfie! :)