Routine Dental Cleanings

Did you know?

  • 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have periodontal disease by three years of age.
  • Periodontal disease is not reversible!
  • Advanced dental work to address years of decay and disease can result in the loss of multiple teeth and costs of over $1000.

Yikes!  That's why our doctors recommend regular COHATS.

COHAT stands for Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment. In our veterinary patients, this is done under general anesthesia but is otherwise similar to a preventative dental cleaning for humans.

Fortunately, VCA Woodstock Animal Hospital offers special routine dental pricing!

Starting at only $222 for cats and $241 for dogs.

Here's some Q & A's to help you learn more

Why does my pet need a COHAT?

Just like people need regular dental cleanings, our pets do as well. Brushing and home care will dramatically enhance your pets’ oral health, but they are not a substitute for a thorough dental exam. Since our pets cannot tell us if they have a tooth ache and we may not be able to brush our pets’ teeth as thoroughly as we do our own, yearly COHATs are imperative. By the time you see tartar buildup, periodontal disease may be present. Periodontal disease is not reversible and commonly results in tooth extraction.

Why is anesthesia necessary?

During a physical exam, only a small portion of the teeth can be evaluated. We cannot see tartar that is between teeth, on the inside of teeth or under the gum line. Periodontal disease or pockets cannot be fully evaluated. For these reasons, we recommend a yearly COHAT under anesthesia.

What’s it going to cost?

Because preventative care is so important to us, we are offering yearly routine COHATs at low prices -- $241 for dogs and $222 for cats. To obtain this great price, you must schedule the COHAT within one month of a wellness exam and pre-anesthetic blood work. The COHAT includes pain medication, IV catheter, IV fluids, complete anesthetic monitoring, anesthesia, full exam of each tooth, dental scaling above and below the gum line and polishing. Dental radiographs reveal abnormalities below the gum line. They are recommended and are $147 additional for dogs and $123 for cats.

What if you find a problem?

Sometimes a pet will have underlying dental problems that won’t be apparent until the pet is under anesthesia for the COHAT. If during the full evaluation of your pet’s mouth, the veterinarian diagnoses a dental problem, the vet will discuss it with you. We will make a treatment plan and estimate for any additional recommended procedures. Depending on the extent of the disease, the additional treatment may need to be scheduled at a future visit.

How do I schedule a COHAT?

Please remember, the specially price COHAT is a preventative, routine prophylactic cleaning, and not all pets will be eligible. If your pet has heavy tartar, periodontal disease, or broken or resorbing teeth, we can make an estimate for an advanced dental prophy and treatment. So, the first step will be to schedule an exam so that the veterinarian can begin evaluating your pet’s mouth.

At VCA Woodstock Animal Hospital we strive to address our patients dental health before a little problem becomes a big problem. Call today!