VCA Woodlands Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Beth Williams

-Kelly from Spring, TX
Pet Name: Missy

The very first time that I ever visited VCA The Woodlands was when I had to have my dog put to sleep. She was 12 years old and had lived a long, happy, spoiled life. It was a hard decision to make, but I did not want her to suffer. Dr. Beth Williams and her staff were very professional and took the time to really understand how we felt having to put our beloved dog to sleep. When we do decide to get another pet, we will definitely continue to use VCA The Woodlands. Thank you Dr. Williams and staff for the compassion that you showed to us!

final hours

-Mr. Bill from The Woodlands, TX
Pet Name: Gabby

This morning my wife and I, because of our pets illnesses, made the decision to ease the suffering the cat was feeling. We did this with a heavy heart, as we have had our pet for about 17 years. I decided not to be present in the room when the procedure was accomplished, because of the way she had touched our hearts and how much she was a part of our home. This was one pet that was truly a part of the family. The doctor and assistant seemed to understand just what emotions that I was going through and they demonstrated total kindness in this time of need. Thank you for VCA Woodlands Animal Hospital and their staff.

Witness to a Miracle

-Latanza Gaddis from Conroe, TX
Pet Name: Skip

Our entire family will be forever grateful to Dr. Shane Vanderford and VCA Woodlands. Our then six month old toy poodle had been out playing with our kids on a Sunday afternoon noon when they came in screaming “something is wrong with Skippy”. We rushed him in to a local unnamed facility where we had been taking him. Driving 90 miles an hour with our emergency lights on and praying for a miracle. We were told that his sugar was 326 and that he would need intensive care that would cost $3000 to $7000 which they could not provide. Although they did not know whether he was a diabetic or something else was wrong and just caused his sugar to be high; our only other option was to have him put to sleep. We were told that it would cost about $160 if we would take his body home. We were also told that his condition had deteriorated in the 20 minutes that we had been there and that he would not make it through the night. Next we were told that we had to make a decision now because their office was closing in the next 15 minutes. Then there was a discussion between two employees about whether or not they had “time “ to put him to sleep before they had to close. THANK GOD WE TOOK HIM HOME!!! Well Skip made it thru the night but still appeared to be sick. Over the next two days we tried to find care that we could afford. By the grace of God we found VCA Woodlands. I initially spoke with Kasey and she was the most compassionate person I had ever spoken with. She told me all about this great doctor and scheduled us an appointment for the next day. She also stated that they would request his records and if needed would call me back to bring him in sooner. Well the rest is history. Dr. Shane Vanderford not only saved our dog but spent literally hours in phone consultation after his first visit with Skip. He even called me on his day off to give results and check up on Skippy. Although Dr. Vanderford says he will never forget Skip; we will never forget Dr. Vanderford!. Latanza Gaddis

Kind and Caring Staff

-Barb A. from Spring, TX
Pet Name: Katie

I have taken my dog to VCA for many years and have always been happy with the service. Dr. Nicolosi and the entire staff are always so professional. He and his assistants take their time with my Katie, and because she is an older dog, I love that they are so gentle with her. If I have any questions or concerns, they are addressed immediately, which really pleases this pet mom. Katie and mom give them a high five!

Awesome Staff

-Rachel Briones from Spring, TX
Pet Name: Molly

December 11, 2012

On my way home from work today I had to stop and pick up a med. for Molly. When I walked in there was a lady with a very pretty and extremely friendly pit bull. Come to find out she had found him wondering around Imperial Oaks. He apparently had gotten out and was walking down the busy street. So she brought him to VCA to see if was chipped. Working that afternoon were 3 of the best ladies that VCA has, Jodi, Beth, and Shelley. They were awesome. They were going to help this little fellow. When they called the center, the information they received regarding the owner was not very accurate. But that did not stop them. They were determined to find his pet parents. Finally they were successful. This sweet dog was reunited with his pet parents after being lost for 6 months! How he ended up on this side of town we will never know. As a result of these wonderful ladies caring and determination, he is finally home. It is because of this caring and commitment to help animals that I trust them with my precious Molly. This was a wonderful way to end a day. Thank you ladies for showing me that there are still caring individuals willing to do what is needed to help our animal friends. YOU ROCK!!

Rachel Briones (Molly’s mom)

The Very Best In Veterinary Care

-Marc Payton from The Woodlands, TX
Pet Name: Lily Payton

My wife and I have been taking our pets to Dr. Wilkins at VCA Woodlands Animal Hospital for many years. He and his staff have always provided excellent and compassionate care for our animals. Dr. Wilkins and his fine staff at VCA provide the very best in vet care, but the service they provide goes much deeper that that. They love our animals just as we do, and the care they provide shows that every time. We can't say enough for all that Dr. Wilkins and his staff have done for us over the years. We trust VCA, and at the end of the day, that's all you really need.

Pet Image

Thank You VCA Woodlands!!!

-Carl and Sandy Sneck from Conroe, TX
Pet Name: Vanessa Renee

We have had our Pug, Vanessa, for 13 years (not nearly long enough!) and have had several veterinarians in that time. When we moved from the Katy area to Conroe, we searched out a vet that was located closer to us. After several years and losing our other Pug, we were no longer feeling the confidence that you want in a doctor. So, we then drove 55+ miles, each way, to our vet in Katy since we felt that they would give us the help we needed in caring for our remaining Pug. After monthly trips (sometimes several a month) for six months to get help with a persistent cough, we weren’t getting any help. Just various medications and were told it was probably allergies. Then two days after our previous visit to that vet, our Pug literally coughed each time she exhaled. We had to get help from another source and found VCA Woodlands. We called and they were booked but told us to come in and that they would work us in. Dr. Nicholosi listened to what we had to say about our Pug’s current condition and treatment, and because of the severity of the situation, he referred us to a respiratory specialist. There, we got the diagnosis of Pneumonia and Collapsing Airway Disease. Our Pug was in really bad shape. Thankfully, with various medications and time, she returned back to a totally non-coughing Pug! Dr. Nicholosi actually phoned us several times himself to check on her. (Something that had never happened during our previous experiences.) Dr. Nicholosi and the VCA staff have always been available to answer any questions that we’ve had regarding her treatment. Phone calls have always been returned in a timely manner. We have been in for several other issues and check-ups and are very pleased with everyone at this clinic! Another very much appreciated contribution is that VCA Woodlands provides follow-up calls after our appointments to check to see how our pet is doing. The folks that call are very aware of what is going on with her and are able to have appropriate dialogue with us. We are so glad that we have Dr. Nicholosi, Dr. Wilkins and the staff of VCA Woodlands to help us care of our precious family member. We feel confident in recommending them to our friends and family. Thank You All at VCA Woodlands for what you do!