VCA Woodland South Animal Hospital Testimonials

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They Treat Your Pet Like They Would Their Own

-Georgia from Tulsa, OK
Pet Name: Josie

We have been going to Woodland South ever since they opened for boarding and our Josie's health care. They are always kind to me and her and seem to really care about her. I strongly recommend this facility.

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Woodland South VCA

-Daniel and Cammie Robinson from Tulsa, OK
Pet Name: Noah, Angel, and Titus

Our three children (Noah, Angel, and Titus) love going to Woodland South. We have never seen such a caring, compassionate staff. Our dogs have always received amazing service and I cannot imagine going anywhere else for our pets' needs. They have always gotten our pets in immediately when emergencies have occurred. Thank you Woodland South for creating such a wonderful environment for our babies.

Best treatment in Tulsa

-Nalani Ching from Tulsa, OK

I have lived in many cities and had many pets. Never before have I had such a great relationship with the people caring for my animals. Dr. Lewis, Dr. George, Carrie, Sarah, Angie, Carlos and the others, go above and beyond to take care of my pets. They treat my animals as they would their own and that means the world to me. I really appreciate their love and dedication to my pets.

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Great Care and Great People

-Ashley from Tulsa, OK
Pet Name: Daisy

I took advantage of the free new patient visit for my puppy Daisy while we were looking for a vet. From the moment we walked through the door the staff was so nice and helpful! The clinic is also very clean! Poor Daisy is very skiddish but her and her new vet really hit it off! I was so shocked and happy, I would highly recommend this place to anybody looking for a good vets and good techs!

VCA Woodland South is the BEST

-Stacie Nelson from Tulsa, OK
Pet Name: Brloitt Marie

We brought our cat into VCA Woodland Hills South in Tulsa yesterday.....the staff was awesome! We did not have to wait to see the the Doctor and our pet was treated with such love and professionalism....we felt at ease leaving her there to be treated. Dr. Eichor took care of the initial problem and also gave our pet a full exam and blood work-up to check for any other problems she may have....from sedation to recovery...our pet was ready to come home in 4 hours, healthy and back to her old self :)We cannot thank the staff and Dr. Eichor enough for taking such great care of our precious pet! We will be going back with our other pets and continuing our pet's care at VCA Woodland South for many years to come!

Maggie's Story

-Roxanne Hawkins from Fort Smith, AR
Pet Name: Maggie

Maggie’s story began in October of 2011 at a VCA Hospital outside of Boston, Massachusetts. While on vacation, she received emergency surgery for a ruptured disc which caused severe spinal damage within a matter of hours. It was a true blessing that we were directed to a state-of-the-art facility in Boston with a veterinary neurologist and a neurosurgeon on staff awaiting us in the late hours of the night to perform the surgery. Maggie was discharged eight days later with complete paralysis of her back legs, along with other neurological issues. During the discharge process, her neurologist couldn’t provide much hope that she would ever walk again. Her suggestion was to get Maggie into physical therapy as soon as possible once we arrived back home in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

I researched on-line trying to locate a physical therapy program close to home that would meet Maggie’s specific needs. Thankfully, I came across another VCA Network Hospital in Tulsa �" the Woodland South Facility. I called the next morning as soon as they opened and explained Maggie’s situation. Within a few short days, Maggie was on her way to Woodland South to be examined by Dr. Eichor. When we arrived, Dr. Eichor had already reviewed Maggie’s surgery notes from the surgeon in Massachusetts. No time was being wasted.

Dr. Eichor performed a physical and neurological examination on Maggie while I waited and prayed someone there could help her. Upon completion of the exam, Dr. Eichor met with me in an exam room and introduced me to someone who was going to help Maggie walk again, her physical therapist, Paula Millican. At first, I didn’t believe them. Tears came to my eyes knowing I had found someone that shared my hope and commitment to see Maggie walk again. And if that wasn’t the best feeling in the world, I glanced at Paula with tears in her eyes as well. I knew then we had an unspoken bond between us. We also shared a common goal: Maggie was going to walk again!

Maggie’s physical therapist, Paula, has not only looked at Maggie’s immediate therapy needs, but she has continued throughout this process to stay ahead of the curve by finding new and innovative therapy techniques. She has taken Maggie’s story to her educators and other canine physical therapists to assure herself she has not left any successful therapy routine untried.

Maggie’s original surgeon in Massachusetts was right when she said physical therapy would be the key. But you have to have the right key and the right people turning the key … and that would be Ms. Paula and Dr. Eichor. Paula, you hold a special place in my heart, young lady. You have a special talent, not just with your love and knowledge of physical therapy, but because of your kind and gentle heart. And thank you Dr. Eichor for taking Maggie under your care and giving me hope that first day and each day since.

When Maggie started her physical therapy, she had little to no movement in her back legs and could not stand without assistance. It was during the second week of therapy, and after completing one of her sessions, Paula asked me to come to one of the back rooms to pick up Maggie. She said she had something to show me. I knew we had been seeing some improvements already and she was moving her back legs in the water treadmill, but my heart was skipping beats thinking Maggie had suffered another injury.

Paula was at one end of the room, down on her knees holding Maggie up by supporting her back end. She said to me “now bend down to the floor…...Maggie’s going to walk to you”. And at that moment, she gave Maggie a gentle push forward and my little girl moved all four legs to walk into my outreached arms!! I cried, Paula cried, and if Maggie’s little tail had been working properly, it would have been wagging faster than my heart was beating! It had been just a few weeks earlier that Maggie wasn’t given much of a chance for recovery. Yet, here we were, second week of therapy, and Maggie walked…sure it was a little awkwardly. But that was the little miracle I was praying for.

Maggie continues to make improvements. Some have come slowly, and at this time she is walking, she runs, she trots, her tail wags, she’s taking care of her business outside in the backyard (finally !!), her balance is strong, and she has joy in her eyes. Physical therapy is not always a breeze �" for you, the therapist or the pet. It’s a team effort and it takes time and commitment on the part of the pet’s owner. But Maggie is a testament that it can bring about miracles.

Thanks for allowing me to share Maggie’s story. I hope it will encourage you to not give up hope for that special someone that loves you more than it loves itself �" your pet. I promised myself and Maggie that she would one day run down the beaches of Cape Cod again. Through physical therapy, Maggie will have that promise fulfilled. Thank you and bless you at VCA Woodland South!!

Dr. Chad Lewis Awesome Veterinarian

-Janine from Oklahoma City, OK

I have been taking both of my dogs to Dr. Lewis since he first joined VCA. I no longer live in Tulsa and yet I still travel there just to see Dr. Lewis. He is truly an incredible veterinarian. Not only is he knowledgeable in whatever curve ball my lovely dogs decide to throw at him, he also has so much compassion for what he does. When I call with even the strangest questions, he always has an answer and a demeanor that can always settle a worried pet owner. I cannot even count all the times he has gone above and beyond to help my dogs. I cannot thank him enough. He is always honest, upfront; there are never any surprise charges on my bill, and always does what is in the best interest for me and my dogs. I have a 16 yr Beagle Mix and I firmly believe that he is still alive and living a happy life all thanks to Dr. Lewis. Whenever people ask me how old my dog is and I tell them, I always am quick to follow their surprised remarks by simply saying “my vet is awesome.”

So Grateful For This Hospital

-Melissa from Tulsa, OK

We've been clients for years with the Woodland clinics, since before they were VCA hospitals. Dr. Lewis, Dr. Eichor, Dr. George, Heather, and all the staff are so dear to us because they take such good care of our furry family members. I just can't express how very grateful we are for these wonderful people!

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Love VCA Woodland South

-Steve and Cheryl Graham from Tulsa, OK
Pet Name: Abby and Lil Bit

We love VCA Woodland South Animal Hospital. Both Dr. Lewis and Dr. George have been wonderful each time we have brought our puppies in. Service is great, you get in and out without needless waiting. Thank you for helping us and caring while ensuring our puppies are current on all shots and healthy.