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The best care anywhere

-Ruth from Caledonia, MI
Pet Name: Radar

My husband and I brought our dog, Radar, to Woodland Animal Hospital for many years. The doctors were always so caring, compassionate, and sensitive to Radar's needs (and ours!). When it came time to put Radar down, Dr. West was incredible. She never pushed us towards the next step and let us take as much time as we needed to say goodbye. I am so thankful for the care they gave Radar. Now we look forward to the care they'll give our new puppy!

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Best Veterinarians in the State of Michigan

-Leta and Floyd from Cedar Springs, MI
Pet Name: Excalibur Morris

Calibur is retired search & rescue dog, an active registered therapy & service dog who spends every other Sunday morning putting smiles on veterans faces. However, recently, he ruptured his ACL and had a TPLO done by MSU Sept 2nd. On the 14th, Calibur's ankle & knee was grossly swollen, however, we were in another city due to a death in our family. The local veterinarian wanted us to drive Calibur to MSU and leave him overnight to be seen by the orthopedic surgeon the next day, which was also the same day of a family member's funeral. Also, Calibur is a highly sensitive dog and has separation anxiety, so taking him & leaving him again was not an option. I called Dr. Farnham which was well after regular business hours and he spoke with the other veterinarian & told her what to give him so he could come home. Dr. Farnham's resolution & knowledge for Calibur's dilemma gave us the greatest relief of our lives!!! When I returned to see Dr. Durham a couple days later, Calibur's swelling was much better and his temp was normal. In addition to taking care of Calibur's physical needs, Dr. Durham, Jared, and the entire staff took great lengths to care for Calibur's emotional needs, treating him with love & kindness. Thank you Dr. Farnham, Dr. Durnham and Woodland Staff, you are absolutely the Best and we shall be forever grateful!!!!

Caring, Loving and Competent

-Jack and Karen from Grand Rapids, MI

We had to put our dog Zack to sleep most recently and this was devastating. Dr. West came in on her day off to assist us in her loving, caring and competent fashion. We have enjoyed our long relationship with Dr. West and we believe that she represents everything that is professional and empathetic in veterinary medicine!

She gave my puppy a chance to live

-Rita from Bay City, MI
Pet Name: Angel

My Lily, a Dapple Daschund had 4 gorgeous lil pups at the beginning of November. Everything seemed fine for the first few weeks and then we noticed one of the puppies began moaning and slobbering excessively throughout the day. This continued for over a week. I took her to the Vet I use here in Bay City. I'm new to this area and had always taken any animals I had to Dr. West when I lived in Byron Center. Well, I was told the pup probably licked something it didn't like and if she did, it would just stop on its own. I took her home and the slobbering continued as did the moaning. I took her in a few more times along with a video of her unable to keep her head up and unable to walk more than a few steps. I was given a number of a neurologist in Detroit to take her to. When I contacted the Neurologist they said its a waste of time to drive to Detroit to see them because they need a possible diagnosis before seeing her. At this point I started wondering if she would survive. I decided to make the trip to Grand Rapids to see if Dr. West could find a diagnosis and help me with the pup.
Dr. West came into the room, asked to see the puppy try to walk and did that for a few minutes. The pup couldn't walk more than a minute or two without dropping her head to the ground then would lay down, giving up. Dr. West picked her up and started to check reflexes, stretched her head back to see if it was stiffness stopping her from holding her head up. She said she had an idea and wasn't sure so wanted to go do some research for a few minutes and asked if I could wait..........I did. It was maybe 10 minutes before she came in with a page she printed about a disease that's fairly new to mini daschunds, Myastenia Gravis. She then took a few minutes to contact a Neurologist and go over the symptoms and what she had found during her research. It seemed almost certain my pup had MG. She ran bloodwork and did some other testing just to make certain there was nothing else. I took the pup home.
I received a follow up call from Dr. West telling me the Neurologist said there was some medication we could try that basically provided the chemical my pups body wasn't producing and maybe it could help her walk and live longer. Dr. West let me know it was a trial drug and we didn't know what would happen but that there were some serious potential risks with the medication. I decided to try it and leave my pup with Dr. West for the day. I was worried and feared something was wrong. I walked into the hallway where all of the exam rooms are and Dr. West was smiling and very upbeat. She said watch this and put my pup down to walk. My puppy RAN to me!! Dr. Wests commitment to her patients is inspiring. My pup is now named Angel & shes staying with me living a happy, playful life with her sister and mother. Angel is special as is Dr. West. If the medication stopped working today, I would be happy with what Dr. West has done. She gave Angel a chance to be a puppy!

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A great vet for your pet

-Kari from Hudsonville, MI
Pet Name: White One and Pnut

Both of my cats have been patients at Woodland Animal Hospital. When I had the most unpleasant vet visit ever, somehow the staff helped me in making it bearable. I had to put my beloved flame point, White One to sleep recently. Dr. West is a compassionate and very intelligent Vet whose number one goal is to look out for the best interest of your pet. When it was time to put White One to sleep, I felt comfortable with the decision, because Dr. West was very honest with me. She is also very compassionate. I value her opinion, and have a lot of confidence in her. I've been to many vets in the past who seem more interested in selling products that you don't need, and pressuring you to buy them, more than looking out for your pet's better interest. I have never felt that at Woodland Animal Hospital. The staff is very professional and always nice. Now my cat P-nut is sick with kidney disease, and Woodland taught me how to do a lot of his treatment on my own. I am grateful to have them as my vet, I trust them, and will continue to take my pets here. I know that White One and P-nut were and are thankful for their care.

Dr. West is the Best

-Sara from Grand Rapids, MI
Pet Name: Mr. Bojangles

With our previous vet, we struggled with our Basset Hound's allergies (and the frequent infections associated) for over a year. He was constantly on antibiotics - but also constantly had sores and bald spots. Frustrated about the lack of improvement, we brought Mr. Bojangles to Dr. West for a second opinion. BEST DECISION EVER!!! At our very first visit, Dr. West recommended a simple change in diet that worked instantly! :) We've just had to "maintain" since then, and it has been such a relief! Dr. West saved us so much suffering, not to mention time and money. She is a true hero in our house.

High Quality Care

-Anissa from Grand Rapids, MI
Pet Name: Belle

Just one thing that makes Dr. West special is that she's not only great with animals, she's also great with people. She asks lots of questions, listens carefully, and clearly explains the "treatment plan" at every visit; she also spends time researching further when needed. I think she's able to "fix" pets more effectively than the average vet because she is extremely thorough and attentive to detail. Just like Rita in other testimonial - if we ever relocate, we'd be willing to travel to keep our pets under Dr. West's superb care.

Great Team

-Casey from Grand Rapids, MI
Pet Name: Ling-Ling

There is an incredibly warm and caring technician named Tara at the VCA Woodland Animal Hospital that we are so thankful for. She showers our pets with affection and talks to them sweetly, making a trip to the "doctor" a tail-wagging experience. They adore her, and so do we - she's a real gem!