VCA Woodland East Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Thanks to Judy Striegel

-Marcia Howard from Kellyville, OK
Pet Name: Otis

I want to thank Judy for everything she did for us during the illness of my cat Otis. He was a part of our family for almost thirteen years and we had to make the difficult decision to let him go. This was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. Judy stayed late and took care of everything for us. I know he felt safe with her there. This is not the first time she has showed so much compassion for my family. In this day and time, seldom do you see many people who go above and beyond their job requirements. Judy has done that for us and I just want to say thanks for everything!

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You couldn't have a better team

-Jon Glazer from Tulsa, OK
Pet Name: Mick

I have actually used those words to Dr. Grogan to describe him, Woodland East's other doctors, and Kathy & Michael, the fine techs.

My wonderful little boy, Mick, is a toy poodle coming up on his 13th birthday. In the last year, he has developed diabetes, and subsequently, cataracts. Michael & Kathy have devoted their time, thought & expertise to helping me do a better job giving Micky his insulin injections, as well as showing him LOTS of love, just as the entire staff does when he stays at VCA W.E's kennel.

I am deeply grateful... and so is Mick.

P.S. Kathy - the scratching worked. ;-)

Best Vets in Tulsa

-Shattuck from Tulsa, OK
Pet Name: Nikita, Chloe, Missy, Conner, Levi, TJ, Lexi

The entire staff at VCA Woodland East is phenomenal to say the least. We have been seeing Dr. Cunningham and Robyn for 20 plus years - they always go above and beyond. This also applies to Dr. Howard and Dr. Grogan and we LOVE Terri their newest vet tech. Thanks to VCA for being so kind, compassionate, understanding and always willing to go the extra mile to help us out!

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Wonderful Compassionate Care

-Perri Applegate from Tulsa, OK
Pet Name: Frank and Abby

Dr. Grogan and the team at VCA Woodland East took wonderful care of our 16 year old Dalmatian, Phoebe. Finally, we had to have her put down this spring, and they could not have been more kind and thoughtful of both us and her. We now have two new puppies who have had their initial visit with Dr. Grogan. His gentleness put them completely at ease, so their first visit was not too traumatic. I could not recommend VCA Woodland East more highly!