Client Services

  • Receptionist

    Diane Barton

    Diane Barton has been with VCA since April 2014. She plans to continue her career as a receptionist and is trying to learn more to help the doctors & techs. Diane has a daughter and son in law, 3 grandchildren, & a son in St. Louis. Her pet family consists of cats- Daisy & Cheesy both 20 yrs old and her newest pet children Mario & Margo who are the cutest little puppies. Diane spends her free time with her grandchildren, pets, walking, & yoga.

  • Receptionist

    Sissy Cat

    Sissy is the Assistant Office Receptionist.  She likes to greet all guests, and see how many treats she can wrangle out of everyone.

  • Receptionist

    Summer Harris

    Summer Harris started with VCA March 2016. She and her husband Dylan have a 6 month old son named Gannon. They also share their home with 4 cats: Sassy- a calico, whose name fits her, Max- a Russian Blue who has a lazy eye is often asked if he’s a catnip addict, Sophia- a tabby who is quiet but loves to play fetch & Hermione- a Russian Blue, she’s old and cranky and mostly just keeps to herself. Summer enjoys reading, listening to music and playing with her son and cats in her free time. Her goal is to eventually become a veterinary technician.

  • Receptionist

    Amber Mason

    Amber joined VCA in December of 2014. She has always a great love and affinity for all animals, cats especially, Over the years Amber has cared for many animals- fish, lizards, hamsters, guinea hens, dogs and of course cats. Amber and her husband have a beautiful, fluffy orange cat named Pumpkin- who stole their hearts when she was adopted from a shelter 10 years ago. In addition to caring for her own pets she also enjoys advocating on their behalf through working with local and national animals rights and rescue organizations. She started working as a Pet Care Specialist and Adoption Counselor at a local animal rescue agency. She enjoys working as receptionist and loves getting to know our clients and their adorable fur babies!

  • Receptionist

    Ashley Owen

    Ashley has been with VCA since August of 2015. She has recently completed the Veterinary Assistant Program at Community Care College. She loves spending time with her fur-baby Pharaoh- a handsome and very excitable 1 yr old pit bull. When she has free time Ashley enjoys eating, reading, shopping & cooking. Ashley plans on continuing her education and becoming a surgical technician.

  • Receptionist

    Brandy Switzer

    Brandy Switzer is the backbone of VCA Woodland Central. She has been with VCA since December 2009. Brandy was recently married to her loving husband Mike in January 2014. Her pet family consists of Kit- 14 yr old Siamese mix, Edward- 5 yr old Domestic Medium Hair, & Nubbins- the absolutely adorable 4 yr old, 3-legged, Lynx-Point, Siamese mix. She spends her free time playing games (online, cards, board), watching tv, and all things Ren Faire. Brandy hopes to someday buy a house and maybe even get a dog.