• Administrative Assistant

    Janice Bowman

    After retiring from Tulsa Public Schools, Janice began a part-time job at Woodland Central in March of 1997.  Her job has evolved into all things paper in a paperless system.  She is also a volunteer at the Tulsa Zoo.  She traded in working with two-legged, teenage humans for working with four-legged/two-legged and no-legged animals with hair/feathers/fur and scales and having a wonderful time! She has a Yorkie named Wicket who lets her live in his house! He is her third Yorkie and lives up to the terrier standard! His nickname is Wild Child if that says enough...

  • Administrative Assistant

    Brandy Switzer

    Brandy grew up in Georgia before moving here to Tulsa. She has been in the veterinary field for about 14 years and joined the VCA family here at Woodland Central in 2009. Brandy enjoys helping and educating our clients so that they can provide the best care possible for their own pets. She is continuing to learn more leadership skills to help train the staff in providing clients with the same best care we show our patients. Brandy lives at home with her husband Mike and her four cats: Kit a senior Siamese mix with thyroid disease, Autumn a calico senior with a heart murmur, Edward a young cat with allergies and asthma, and Nubbins the newest addition to her crew as a hyper 3 legged baby. When she’s not at work Brandy also enjoys playing a variety of games, watching TV, and playing online.