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Best Vet in Area

-Amy from Lexington, KY
Pet Name: Jack

There is not enough space here nor am I eloquent enough to explain how wonderful Dr. Jolly and his staff are. Our dog, a Golden Retriever, was always so healthy until he turned 6. Since then, he's torn both his cranial cruciate ligaments (kinda like an ACL injury in a football player!). Dr. Jolly led us through the intimidating process of selecting the right treatment for our dog, even suggesting a surgery that would take us to a Louisville orthopedic surgeon, thus taking money out of his own pocket. I knew then that Dr. J was an all together special vet.

Dr. Jolly and his wonderful techs have since nursed our boy back from the brink of death after he contracted a deadly infection in his heart. As much as we hated to leave our beloved pooch at the hospital for a week, we knew he was in good hands. If it weren't for. Dr Jolly's keen diagnostic abilities, quick response and his loving team - I know our dog would not be with us today.

I've told everyone I know about Dr. Jolly, Angel, Rebecca and Woodford Vet. My pets will never go anywhere else! If you love your pet like a member of your family, I can assure you it is worth the drive to Versailles to ensure they get the best veterinary care around.

Professinal Care of My Cat

-paula johnson from lexington, KS
Pet Name: Prestwick

My cat Prestwick was burned on his paws and tummy when he jumped up in the engine of a hot car. Dr. Hindman at VCA took wonderful care of Prestwick and provided advice on how to care for him as he healed. He is back to himself and I appreciate Dr. Hindman's concern for our pet.

Thanks VCA Woodford Animal Hospital

-Mike and Angie Berryman from Versailles, KY
Pet Name: Gracie

We do not have adequate words to express our gratitude for the way ou have taken care of our Gracie during this difficult time for us. It has been a great source of comfort to Angie and me for the compassion all of you have shown to us.

When we brought Gracie in for our scheduled visit on Saturday, September 12th. We knew she didn't feel well but didn't realize the extent of her sickness. We are so grateful to Dr. Eckert for his willingness to operate on her immediately. It undoubtedly saved her life. We fully realize he and his staff might have had plans for the afternoon but delayed them to tend to our little girl. The personal phone calls with updates on her condition over the next couple of days were a great comfort to us.

This past Saturday with Gracie feeling bad there was no hesitation, we were given an appointment an hour later with Dr. Hindman. She did an ultrasound that revealed she was bleeding again. Dr. Eckert had told us this was possible, even probable, but we had hoped for the best. I appreciate Dr. Hindman's kindness as she gave me the news. I appreciate Dr. Eckert returning my calls and giving me reassurance that we were doing the right things for Gracie and also Dr. Hindman calling to check and give advice as well.

It's a real blessing for Angie and I to know that our Gracie has received the best, most compasionate care possible. We want you to know that we will share with others the kindness you have shown us. We sincerely appreciate the work that you do. May God bless you for the care you provide to our community.

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Gentle Care of Bruno

-Mike Berryman from Versailles, KY
Pet Name: Bruno and Gracie

We wanted to take a moment to thank you and the entire staff who have assisted us during these trying times. I won't attempt to name names, because I will forget and leave someone out. The kindness and compassion shown by your entire staff � the veterinarians and technicians providing Bruno's care, and front desk staff for their greetings and concerns, have all been wonderful to be around, and have been great sources of comfort to us. I've been in there more times than I care to count during afterhours the last few weeks, but whether its 10pm or 7am, the staff at Woodford Vet Clinic have been both professional and kindhearted toward us. My apologies to all of you for all the phone calls.

Hearing many of you talk about Bruno's sweet disposition, his sleeping on his back, and his relaxed nature, just goes to prove to me that everyone took an interest in him and his care, and for that we are indebted to you all.
We will miss Bruno terribly, but I know that he was struggling, and he's in a better place now, back playing with Gracie � just like in all of the pictures we have of them. We simply could not have had better kids than Bruno and Gracie. We thank you for the care you provided to them during their years of life.

Thanks Dr. Hindman

-Danny Hess from Frankfort, KY
Pet Name: Jake

Dr. Hindman,
I was in 2 wks ago with Jake, our black and white male cat with tummy problems. You ran some tests, kept him overnight and prescribed some medications. You asked me to bring him back in to recheck his hematocrit. I didn't do that, but we were consistent with the treatment you suggested and he responded well.
All that to say I really appreciate your care of him and the thorough understanding you gave me of his problem. I didn't want you to think I was not appreciative in not bringing him back in. You were great.
Thanks again,
Danny Hess

A Compassionate Hospital

-Brian Rickerd from Lexington, KY

Dear Jetta- I wanted to thank you, Dr. Hindman and Tyler oh so much for the kindness you showed in the passing of our cat Mindy on Sunday, Feb. 21 at your clinic.

You were all so kind and gentle with both Mindy and with me, my wife Rebecca and sister-in-law Leslie, and we appreciate it more than we can express.

Mindy was our best friend all of her life. She cared only for me for her first 12 years, and then when I married Rebecca five years ago, Mindy accepted Rebecca totally because she sensed that Rebecca made me happy. And Rebecca treated Mindy as kindly as I tried to.

This was the first time I'd been through the passing of a pet, and I couldn't be more thankful that it was you, Dr. Hindman and Tyler who helped us through.


Brian Rickerd

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Dr. Stoops is fantastic

-Sarah Jane Young from Lexington, KY
Pet Name: Rags

When my dog Rags broke his legs I called and they got me an appt. in 30 minutes. My whole family has been taking our pets here for years and usually see Dr. Eckert (who I can not say enough wonderful things about) but Dr. Stoops was the vet we saw that day because she was available. She was absolutely phenomenal with my little guy. She was also good with me since I was a little bit upset about my little guy. Just cant say enough good things about her.

teeth extraction

-Linda Lear from Versailles, KY
Pet Name: Ginny

Thank you so much to Dr. Stoops and the staff at Woodford Animal Hospital for taking such good care of Ginny. She had 3 teeth extracted and a cleaning, and she's doing very well! The staff there are so helpful and understanding of my separation anxiety from Ginny:)
Thank you again!

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Thank you all

-Joy Boone from Versailles, KY
Pet Name: Ginny

My dog, Ginny and I are always nervous when going to the vet. She is 11 years old and had to have 3 teeth pulled due to gum disease. We've gone to VCA since she was a puppy and I am so thankful to the wonderful staff for always being patient and caring even when Ginny acts like Cujo! Thank you Dr Stoops, Dr Dabney and Dr Hindman for taking care of her teeth and treating her arthritis. Ginny thanks you too!

Dr. Dabney is great with my pet

-Becky Compher from Versailles, KY
Pet Name: jasper

I want to thank Dr. Dabney for taking care of jasper on his day off. When jasper wasn't feeling so well I sent an email to Dr. Dabney to let him know what is up with Jasper and he took the time to come in and take a look at him and i don't know of to many vets that would do that. It really shows how much he cares about any pets whether it's my pet or yours. I want to say Thank you for all u have done for jasper.