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  • Client Service

    Athena A.

    Athena has been with VCA Wingate for seven years as Assistant Manager. Clients love Athena's compassionate nature and problem solving skills. Wingate could not do it without her.

    Outside of the office, Athena has been happily married to Bobby for 10 years and has a beautiful baby boy named Apollo, along with one dog named Lexa and two cats named Ren and Precious. She enjoys watching live professional boxing and frequently travels to Las Vegas to attend matches. She also loves attending pro football games (Go Broncos!).

    Athena recently had to put her beloved dog, Drako to sleep after he fell ill with osteosarcoma which is an aggressive bone cancer. It pleases all of us at Wingate to honor his name here on our website. He lives in Athena's and the staff's hearts each day.

  • Client Service

    Sandy C.

    Sandy joined the VCA Wingate staff in May 2016. Besides beautiful Colorado, she has lived in the Chicago area as well as Tucson Arizona. After working in the retail grocery business for many years, Sandy studied and received a medical billing certificate from the U.S. Career Institute in Fort Collins and worked in a dermatology office. She is very happy to be working with the excellent staff at VCA Wingate. Her many interests include gardening in her backyard, theater (Sandy volunteered with many theater companies for 10 years, mostly as props mistress) and camping with her family and dogs. Sandy has two spoiled yet rescued pups; Toby, a Shiba Inu/Collie Mix and Bella, a "Heinz 57" reservation dog who turned out to be the sweetest dog ever. She also has a cat, Jasper, while her husband has 1 box turtle, 2 aquatic turtles, and some fish.