VCA Windham Animal Hospital Testimonials

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-Judy Carriere from Hinsdale, NH
Pet Name: Nappy Halston

For the last 15 years our pets have been treated at VCA with respect and loving care. Shelly grooms our two Afghans (Nappy and Halston) with great skill and love. These two dogs were abused and with the care that everyone has given them at VCA they are finally becoming social with others. From the front desk, to Shelly to Dr. Angel we thank-you all.

The Carriere Family

Very grateful customer

-Kara from New Britain, CT
Pet Name: Ashley

My husband and I were camping in Townshend last weekend when our dog Ashley was stung in the mouth by a bee. Her tongue immediately started to swell. I was able to give her bendryl orally but knew she would additionally need veterinary care asap! We were told the nearest open hospital was in Deerfield, about 45 minute drive from our campground. I was in doggy mom panic mode!! I had stopped at a humane society that we passed along our way to see if they had a veterinarian on site. They did not, but referred me to Windham Animal Hospital. Sure they would be closed, I tried to call anyway. A very sweet young lady answered the phone and said they had just closed. (She actually picked up the wrong line~answer to prayer!) They graciously said they would see her. I don't know that I have ever been so grateful!! It was our last night camping, and surely I did not want to be away from our trip for several hours traveling to a vet in Deerfield. (of course, I WOULD have, b/c we love our Ashley!) Point being, we were in awe to the answer of our prayers to find something closer and their willingness to see us even though they were closed. I too, work for an animal hospital, and many times have received a phone call at closing and had to stay. Of course, we do this for our love of animals, but I know it can be a bummer after working a long and busy morning and your ready to go home... I will be so much more compassionate in the future due to the grace that was bestowed to us and our Ashley!!! Thank you Windham animal hospital! Most special thanks and blessings to Dr. Sebens, Muriel and Amy!!! Sincerely, Kara Amatore

warm welcome

-Dopey from Jacksonville, VT
Pet Name: Dopey

My name is Dopey. My old doctor comes across very unfriendly and decided it was time for a change. The doctors made me feel like their own puppy. My owner was very happy as well. Check it out I am sure you will be as excited as I am about feeling better!!!!Woof.

fantastic place

-terry from hinsdale, NH
Pet Name: Bandit, Peanut,Jack, Festus and Miss Kitty

We have 5 animals, 3 dogs and 2 cats. VCA treats them all as though they were their own animals. When I call they seem to know who you and your animals are. They are very accommodating for all our needs. From Shellie's grooming, to boarding our dogs, and even all our kitty needs. They are always there when we need them. Wonderful and friendly staff.

Helping a runaway

-Ian from Brattleboro, VT
Pet Name: Dirk

My 11 year old declawed indoor cat got out Saturday night. He never gets out. My husband and I spent 4 hours looking for him but it kept getting darker and colder. As it does at night. We couldn't find him til the next morning. He had been coaxed into a neighbor's garage where he spent the night soaking in oil. We found him in the morning scared and shaken.

I called the vet expecting him to be able to be seen in the morning on Monday but they had him in to be seen in about an hour!

Nothing was wrong with little Dirk but VCA was able to put a worried pet dad's mind at rest. Thank you!

Personal, professional, helpful, and wonderful

-Kate from Brattleboro, VT
Pet Name: Cisco

My cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes and placed on insulin. Not only did I get great and personal service in the office from Dr. Rosenberg, but I've had someone from the office calling me almost every day to check in on my cat and answer my questions. I'm so grateful for everyone who has given me support and answered my questions in the past few days. Hats off to VCA Windham Animal Hospital!