Brattleboro Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Kennel Assistant

    Skye Sosinski
    School: UNH Thompson School of Applied Science

    Skye graduated from UNH Thompson School of Applied Science with an Associate Degree in Applied Animal Science. She is passionate about animal behavior and knows training dogs is in her future. Dogs and reptiles are her specialty animals. She hopes to do competitive agility with her new puppy, Azula, a cattle dog mix. Skye also shares her home with 5 snakes and a Bearded Dragon. Skye enjoys providing the boarding animals at VCA Windham with enrichment and making sure they are as comfortable as possible. When not working, Skye enjoys spending time outdoors, trying out new hobbies and just hanging out with the dogs. She recently bought a house.

  • Groomer

    Shelley Hescock
    School: East Tennesse State University

    Shelly graduated from East Tennesse State University with a BS in Communications. While working in the lazer optic field, she began showing and breeding English Springer Spaniels. She learned how to prepare and groom them for the show ring. While showing, she really enjoyed grooming and learned how to groom different breeds. She applied her knowledge at home on her own dogs, then she began grooming for other people on the weekends.
    She has been grooming dogs for 21 years. She has 7 Springer Spaniels now.