Pet of the Month



“Rocky” first came to see us in August 2014 for not eating as well as usual.  The day of the exam, he also started having diarrhea and vomited once, and seemed to have less energy.  Bloodwork performed that day strongly suggested that Rocky had Addison’s disease, or hypoadrenocorticism.  This is an uncommon hormonal disorder in which the body does not produce enough stress hormones and other hormones that regulate electrolytes such as sodium and potassium.  Dogs with Addison’s disease often present with intermittent signs of lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting , or inappetance, which often seem to  resolve on their own  for weeks or months at a time before returning.  However, these dogs can also get severely and life-threateningly sick.  Although Rocky didn’t act that sick,  his labwork was severe enough that he needed to be hospitalized at the emergency clinic with IV fluids and hormone replacement therapy for 7  days, during which time he fought his way through a ruptured bladder and peritonitis.  His  blood was closely monitored and the diagnosis of Addison’s Disease was confirmed with a special test.  Once he was feeling better and his bloodwork was normal, Rocky was able to return home.