Pet of the Month

I hired Dr.Anna Rosenberg after my vet told me that I needed to start giving my dog steroid injections. Her back legs were getting weak and she was having trouble standing for more than 5 minutes at a time. Dr.Rosenberg started doing electro-acupuncture on Avril in July 2012. Avril's previous life left her with many mechanical issues and unknown pain. She has had these issues for more than 5 years. Dr.Rosenberg has such a calming presence that Avril was comfortable around her on the very first visit. I have seen others place the needles and her style is fluid and graceful. Avril actually slept through most of the sessions. We started to see improvements in her, both physically and mentally, by the 4th week. I think this is incredibly impressive considering how long she has had problems. Dr.Rosenberg also reviewed Avril's diet, supplements and medications with me helping me to make sure that everything was working together in her best interests. I continued with Avril's treatments until we moved. I have a new vet for Avril and so far the treatment does not compare to the results we were seeing with Dr.Rosenberg.