Pet of the Month

Hank the Cow Dog: Head of Ranch Security

Hank is an 8 year old Queensland Heeler, who came to us with weight loss despite being a ravenous eater. He also had a potbelly and an abnormally large liver when we saw him for his exam. A special blood test showed that Hank had developed Cushing’s Disease, (aka Hyperadrenocorticism), which frequently causes muscle loss, increased appetite, increased thirst and urination, increased susceptibility to infections, liver enlargement, hair loss, and a pot-bellied appearance. Cushing’s is caused by too many hormones released from either the brain or the adrenal glands (small organs near the kidneys). Hank was treated with trilostane, a drug that suppresses the amount of hormones available to his body, and has gradually been improving. The therapy requires careful monitoring in the form of periodic blood tests. Hank has always been a star patient for his tests and treatments, and he has gained back most of his muscle mass. He still loves his dinner though!