VCA Wilshire Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Snowflake's Surgery

-Martha from Santa Monica, CA
Pet Name: Snowflake

I am the devoted owner of a delightful Guinea Pig named Snowflake. When it was discovered that he needed major surgery I was fearful that he wouldn't survive. I needn't have worried. The surgery done by Dr. Lavac was a great success. He and his staff are very professional and caring. Their follow-up calls after Snowflake came home showed how much they care about their patients. I would highly recommend them to any pet owner.

The best of the best

-Elaine Tom from Culver City, CA

This hospital, the doctors, and staff are all warm, caring, knowledgeable.... oh on and on. I cannot think of one negative thing to say about the people who have cared for my pet birds for 15 years.

Forever Grateful

-andrea andrews from mar vista, CA

Dr. Lavac and his staff have been so amazing over the years. Starting with 4 large breed dogs, an even bigger potbelly pig (180-230lbs range), tail-less cat, a Ferret called Chanel and most recently a kitty called Sugar. They have guided me and my family through care taking, illness and passing in such a kind, gentle and understanding way. My children have learned so much through Frank's compassion for animals and what's best for them at the hardest of times. He is part of our extended family and will always be. Thanks again Frank for your support and caring for our animals and family. Fondly - Andrea, Mark, Charlotte, Henry, Bambola, Shrubby, Boris, Harry, Chanel, Bunny-butt, Peppy, and Sugar.

Pet Image

From Lizards to Puppies

-CPWriter from Sherman Oaks, CA
Pet Name: Pucci and Coco

I've been bringing my pets to VCA Wilshire Animal Hospital for well over 15 years now. First was my beloved iguana, Bubba, and now it's my two pups: Pucci (pug) and Coco (Boston terrier). I've always found the staff to be caring, helpful and most of all genuinely concerned about my pets. Even when I moved out of the Santa Monica area to Sherman Oaks, I still make VCA Wilshire my primary care facility because I trust the doctors to treat my "babies" right!

Best Animal Hospital Ever

-The Hollisters from Santa Monica, CA
Pet Name: Babs

After using this animal hospital for the last 30 years, we can honestly say that their staff is trustworthy and caring. Recently, our 17-year-old cat reached the end of her life, and the way Dr. Shulke, and Dolores, and Kate, and many others here helped us through her final month and her eventual passing was so loving and professional it is hard to describe, or imagine in this day and age. We highly recommend this hospital, Dr. Shulke for cats, and their fabulous boarding facilities!


-Christina Zimmer from Los Angeles, CA
Pet Name: Noah

My cat Noah has been under the care of Dr. Jim Schulke for years. Noah has had a LOT of medical issues in his life, including urinary blocks, kidney disease, a heart murmur, and diabetes. His medical file is almost 2 inches thick! Had it not been for the medical support of Dr. Schulke, Noah's quality and length of life would have been dramatically shortened. I had been through several nightmare experiences with other vets prior to becoming a client of Dr. Schulke. On my first appointment I knew he was the vet for us. He came in, introduced himself, then looked around for my pet, then he asked "Where is your cat?" to which I replied, "I didn't bring the cat, After all we have been through, it takes more than having DVM behind your name to make you qualified to treat my pets." He just smiled, "I totally understand, what can I tell you?" We had a good conversation, he listened to my concerns and prior bad experiences. He was receptive of what I needed from a vet, and I soon was sold. This was the vet for us! Given Noah's extensive health issues, we have had several needs of specialists. Dr. Schulke has a well established network of specialists, both in the VCA network and independent of VCA. I really liked that even though we were seeing other doctors, Dr. Schulke still managed Noah's care, collaborating and adding his input on the best care for my cat. Fast forward, to a few weeks ago, I came home and found Noah collapsed. I immediately called Dr. Schulke, grabbed Noah and rushed to the hospital. Dr. Schulke was waiting in the lobby for us, and took Noah to the back for treatment. The staff was kind enough to find a room for me, so I didn't have to sit in waiting room crying. As soon as Dr. Schulke stabilized Noah, and while waiting on initial test results, he gave me a report, knowing I was terrified for my pet. Test results mandated 24hr ICU care, so he transferred us to my preferred critical care center. Dr. Schulke called ASEC, arranged the transfer and thoroughly went through the type of treatment Noah needed. He hand-picked our critical care vet and a consulting internal medical vet. For the next 3 days, Dr. Schulke was in constant communication with the hospital, and he also called me at least twice daily. He was able to explain to me the severe state of Noah's health, in a kind and gentle manner, yet still offered cautious hope. We even arranged a time for us to go over there together, as I wanted his input. Sadly Noah crossed the Rainbow Bridge the night before our joint visit. I was devastated. After talking to the Vets at the hospital, Dr. Schulke called me. He agreed, I had done the right thing, letting him go. He spent a long time reassuring me that I had done everything I could. I was touched when he asked if he could get a picture of Noah. He genuinely liked my kitty too! I will never be able to thank Dr. Schulke for taking of Noah. His care gave me many wonderful years with my beloved boy. Long story short, Dr. Jim Schulke is the best. His expert care, kindness and compassion are exceptional. He is also support by a very strong team of techs and customer service team. I still have 2 "special needs" kitties that are under his care, and I am very lucky to have found such a perfect vet for us.