Sumeet Gupta, DVM, Associate Veterinarian

DVM, Ohio State University


Dr. Sumeet Gupta is originally from San Diego, and went to UC San Diego for his undergraduate before going to Ohio State for veterinary school. Dr. Gupta’s passion is wildlife medicine, and he’s worked at zoos around the world. He also enjoys ultrasound, internal medicine, and soft tissue surgery. Dr. Gupta likes to see all types of patients, any species that our clients may call family. In the near future, he would like to provide acupuncture services for patients as well.
Some interesting facts about Dr. Gupta; he was Mr. India America in 2005 and he was a tour guide at the San Diego Zoo where he drove a double decker bus while narrating the tour through the zoo. Some of his favorite hobbies include: running, endurance training, garden¬ing, tennis and swimming. At home, Dr. Gupta has two male cats: one orange tabby and one Norwegian Forest cat. He hopes to one day be able to educate the public on companion animal wellness and wildlife/ conservation medicine through media.