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  • Kennel Supervisor

    Dolores Romo

    Dolores Romo is our Kennel Supervisor. As a child, there were two things Dolores knew she wanted to do when she grew up; become a teacher and work with animals. She accomplished one of her dreams and worked at West Los Angeles and UCLA Child Care Center as a pre-school teacher for seven years.

    In 1998, she realized her dream of working with animals. Thousands of pets later, some gone to heaven now, she has welcomed them all into her heart and cared for them as her own. She may not remember all of the clients names over the years, but she always remembers the pets!

    At the hospital, at any time of day or night, you can see Dolores either sitting with our patients as they wake up from anesthesia or walking them in a nearby park. She always makes sure each and every one of them is cared for and loved. She is so exacting and particular about giving her "babies" the best and most loving care, we teasingly call Dolores "the General."

    Dolores loves music and brings it with her to the hospital. Classical music can be heard throughout the dog and cat wards lulling them to sleep when she leaves for the day. She also has a song for every patient. Whether it is a nursery rhyme or a rock & roll tune, as long as she can insert their name in the medley the song is theirs.

    Dolores lives in Culver City with "Miss Kitty", a gray and white stray cat, who was determined to become a part of Dolores' family. Every day Miss Kitty would greet Dolores until the time was right to rescue her and bring her home. No longer on the street, Miss Kitty now has a comfortable bed to sleep in every night.