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    Kimberlie Casseus

    I’ve long searched to find a place to fully utilize my client service skills. Working at VCA could not be a better fit. Being an animal lover, I knew I’d enjoy the atmosphere and the opportunity to learn something new every day. The VCA family is the most passionate. Seeing them care for each pet everyday and assisting client caring for their furry family members is heartwarming. Being a member of the VCA family, I am now able to make immediate and positive changes in an animal’s life every day in every conversation with a pet owner.

    My name is Kimberlie and I am a massive animal lover. I was born in Florida and raised in a beautiful small town on the Island of Haiti. I grew up around lots of cats, dogs, cows, goats, chickens and many of other farm animals, which played a strong role in developing my caring personality.

    I moved back to Florida in 2010 along with my older brother. Right now, I do not have any pets but am looking to adopt soon. And I am very thankful to be learning so much everyday on how to care for my future family member.

    I am currently attending Broward College and majoring in pre-med. Besides my love for animals, I am intrigued by the human brain and plan on study neurosurgery. My hobbies include playing chess, reading, listening to music and dancing.

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    Alanna Hale

    Ever since I was a young child I have always had an affinity for animals. Domestic or exotic, I’ve always had the desire to learn more about and help animals. I was always the child who wanted to go to pet the class snake, or help the tiny baby bird that fell from its nest. So, as I grew older, pursuing a career in Veterinarian Services only made sense to me. When I received the opportunity to work for a wonderful company like VCA, I jumped at the chance. The reason why I do what I do is because our pets need us, the animals living out in the wild need us, and you, as clients, come to us because you know you can receive the best possible care in our facility. The people I work with inspire to me to better myself, and the animals themselves spur my compassion and determination to help those around me. I am proud to work for such a well-rounded hospital, and I can only hope that I can continue to work and grow in such an amazing hospital.

    Even though I have only been in the field a short time, Veterinarian Services is a career that I am working hard to excel in. I am currently enrolled in Penn Foster College in their Veterinarian Technician Program, and I hope to graduate within the near future. I am the mother of one very easily excited American Bulldog puppy named Rocky. If having his cute face doesn’t inspire me to get up and do what I do every morning, I don’t want what else can. In my free time, I go to many dog parks in my surrounding area, enjoying small get-togethers with family and friends, and attending concerts of all genres.

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    Lina Martinez

    I knew very little about VCA when I came on board. I was actually doing my externship for City College, when I got to know the wonderful staff and Lisa gave me the opportunity to become part of the team. Right then and there I knew this was actually the right path for me to learn and become a great veterinary technician. I’m always amazed with the doctors and the techs here; the passion and knowledge they have for their patients really makes a difference on every pet’s life and this is why I love to be part of the VCA family.

    I was born in Cali, Colombia. I came to the USA when I was 12yrs old, I went to Nova Middle School and High school, which is where I met my husband. We have been together for 13yrs now and married for 10 yrs. We have one beautiful four-legged baby boy named Ozzy B. Martinez. He is 5yrs old and we have had him since he was 3 months old. He loves to run around in the park and he loves it when you run after him. I grew up with pets all my life and since I was 6yrs old I told my mom that I was going to work with animals and have a shelter. Since then, I grew this passion for helping them. Currently I’m going to City College to become a veterinary technician. After getting my degree I would like to specialize in physical rehabilitation for animals and emergency care. Also, hopefully when I’m done I would like to travel to Thailand and Africa to help injured animals, especially elephants.

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    Carolina Thuller

    I chose to work for VCA Wiles Road because it is an open door for me to expand my knowledge in the veterinary field. This is an opportunity to join a growing team and is helping me towards my dream to became a Veterinarian Technician.

    I was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m the only American in my family; my entire family is from Brazil. My mom and dad currently are living in Boston, Massachusetts and my sister, brother-in-law, and baby nephew are living in Colorado. I am currently single trying to gear my life in the right direction. I have two pets that I love and will always keep them in my heart. First, my baby boy Rio, he is nine years old. He is the old man of the family but acts like he’s the child. He has such a burst of energy. My second pet I rescued her from a lake, her name is Harley Quinzel. She is about a year and 4 months. Everyone thinks she has a crazy and up beat personality. I want to be future technician and looking for the right school for me to apply to. In my spare time, I love spending time with my pets and playing video games.