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    Tracey Dougherty

    Why do I believe in VCA?

    To be perfectly honest, I knew nothing about VCA when I was first hired, only that I was desperate for a job & yes, I love animals. What I would learn in the years to come is my "Why".
    I have learned that the doctors are amazingly dedicated.
    The leaders constantly inspire me to be better.
    Co-workers commit daily acts of kindness.
    Everyone really cares about what we do & everyday brings a chance to make a difference.
    I have also learned that I love people as well as animals!
    I believe in VCA whole-heartedly!
    Oh-& I am not just an employee, I am a client because my animals deserve the very BEST!!


    I have been with VCA since 2006. I love my time at the front desk assisting our clients. I am the proud mother of a son, Brian and we share our home with three cats, Ari, Squeak and Keani. I love spending my free time painting, visiting art museums and attending Brian's concerts.