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Published: Apr 04, 2012

Pet owners reap a number of health benefits from their pets at home, but a new study shows that companies may enjoy a number of benefits by allowing employees to bring pets to work, according to HealthDay News.

Virginia Commonwealth University researchers looked at stress levels and job satisfaction at a service manufacturing retail company that has about 550 employees and allows 30 pet dogs on campus each day. Over the course of one week, the researchers noted that dogs in the workplace seemed to reduce job-related stress for owners and make work more enjoyable for other employees.

"Dogs in the workplace can make a positive difference," said principal investigator Randolph Barker, professor of management at the VCU School of Business. "The differences in perceived stress between days the dog was present and absent were significant. The employees as a whole had higher job satisfaction than industry norms."

Bringing pets to work may also lower the level of stress for the animal. Many dogs feel stressed when they are left alone for long periods of time. VCA Animal Hospitals reports that it is important to teach your dog how to be alone to quell separation anxiety, but being able to spend more time with your pets and giving them something to do may reduce boredom and the behavioral problems that can result from it. Make sure your pet has all of its dog vaccinations and is on appropriate heartworm, parasite, flea and tick preventative medications before bringing it into an environment with a number of other canines.