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By Stacy Hudak
Published: October 27, 2014

The doctors and staff at VCA Wiles Road Animal Hospital are proud to announce the arrival of our new cold or therapeutic laser. Therapeutic lasers apply light energy to focused areas of the body to stimulate healing and decrease inflammation. The laser is different from normal light because it is a single wavelength that is focused or concentrated. The laser-tissue interaction affects the body’s cells, with a reduction of pain, enhanced healing, increased microcirculation, and decreased inflammation.
There are many patients that can benefit from the therapeutic laser, including patients suffering from osteoarthritis, patients with muscular strains, wounds, or even post-operatively. The therapeutic laser stimulates cell activity and growth factors, which could decrease healing time.
The therapeutic laser treatments are easy on you and your pet, as they are painless to your pet and usually done within 20 minutes. The number of treatments will vary depending on each patient’s specific needs and case.
Call us today to answer any questions you may have about our therapeutic laser or to schedule an appointment if you think your pet could benefit!

Find out more information about the therapeutic laser with the following link: