Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Season is June 1 �" November 30

"The key to survival during a disaster is to be as prepared as possible before the storm hits," said Randy Covey, director of disaster services for The Humane Society of the United States.

"Take the time to create a plan and assemble an emergency kit for you and your pet. By taking these steps now, you will greatly increase your pet's chances of survival."

Part of making that plan is knowing when to evacuate and where you will go.
"Understanding the difference between a watch and a warning will assist pet owners when making the decision to evacuate timely," Covey said.

A "hurricane watch" is issued when hurricane conditions pose a possible threat within about 36 hours; a "hurricane warning" comes when hurricane winds reach 74 miles an hour or higher and the hurricane is expected in a specific area within 24 hours.

"Prudent pet owners will want to evacuate their family and pets to safety during a hurricane warning, even if this poses some inconvenience. Keeping your family safe is worth it," Covey added.

If you plan to stay at a shelter, residents must pre-register with the Humane Society of Broward County by calling 954-989-3977. All pets must be current with their rabies vaccination and licensed.

For more helpful information regarding pet and large animal preparedness in Broward County, please contact Broward County Animal Care at 954-359-1010.

Please visit these sites for further information about disaster preparedness.